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  Contemporary Glamour

  Glamour photography today is quite different than that of the 80's and 90's.  It seems that many people think of that era when they hear the words glamour photography.  Today, however; the several looks and styles of glamour photography are very different.  This look is being seen more often with its off-center magazine feel and close cropping.  It is styled to have a warm creamy-brown tone and emphasizes great connection of the model to the camera.  Another hallmark of this style is the even more-closely cropped presentation seen in the second image.    

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photo Glamour Photography #Glamour Photographer #Austin #San Antonio #Houston #Dallas #Boudoir #GlamourContemporary Glamour photograph created with creamy highlights. Subject's a strong connection to the camera was captured creating this lovely modern glamour portrait.

  In the photo below the crop is what is often used in fashion magazines.


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