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  Creating GlamourUsing the elements of glamour to create striking images.

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photo "Attitude"' San Antonio photographer, Austin Photographer, San Antonio Glamour. #Austin #San Antonio #Houston #Dallas #Boudoir #Glamour<span class="large">We created an edgy fashion look with this photo, playing off the industrial look of the background. Fashion-inspired glamour photo created by San Antonio and New Braunfels beauty and glamour portrait photographer Richard von Trapp.</span>   Using the description of glamour as having beauty, grace, mystery, and is transcendent; I styled and created this image in the following way.  Location: I used this long hallway of a local shopping complex that has corrugated metal walls, exposed metal trusses, a concrete floor and a bank of florescent lighting.  Lighting: For the main or key light, we used a flash with radio trigger in a 2x2ft light modifier placed 6 feet to camera's left and above.  I placed a second radio triggered gelled-flash at the end of the hallway about 70 feet away, and facing back towards camera.  The model's edgy pose and attitude combined with the quality of light, and of course the sunglasses all work to create this glamour image.

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Glamour Photographer<span class="large">Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.</span>

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