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  Glamour on a rainy dayFashion-glamour shoot in San Antonio.

  The recent rain in Central Texas afforded us the chance to stylize a fashion-glamour photo shoot using the rain and an umbrella as a central theme.  We created images in this gritty ally as well as on the streets of downtown San Antonio.  Glamour can be created using a multitude of subjects in a wide verity of locations.  

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photo Rainy City Morning | Texas Glamour-Boudoir-Wedding-Photo<span class="large">Stylized fashion-glamour photograph of a San Antonio woman walking in the rain.</span>

  ​In doing so, the skillful glamour photographer will craft the image to show the subject's beauty, grace, mystery and transcendence.  These qualities are the very definition of glamour and what must be present for an image to be considered a glamour photograph.  In this photo we juxtaposed the beauty of our model agents the gritty setting of this alleyway. 

Richard von Trapp is a portrait photographer in Central Texas who uses glamour's elements of beauty-grace-mystery-and   transcendence to create uniquely beautiful images.  "Let me connect you to your glamour".  Contact me today.  


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