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  Desert BeautyCreating Glamour in the Las Vegas Desert

  In March I traveled from Texas to Las Vegas to attend the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International conference.  Like other photographers in attendance, I planned for and used the opportunity to schedule some location shoots in the city and desert.  One such location was this one east of Vegas in the mountains above Nellis Air Force Base.  This image was created using two 1000w Profoto D1 strobes powered by a BatPac battery.  My main light, fitted with a collapsable Chimera beauty dish, is to camera left and above the model's head.  The second strobe is placed behind the rock at knee level to provide an accent light.  To capture the city lights I set my shutter speed to ½ second, and used an aperture of f8 along with balancing the power settings on the strobes to achieve the desired exposure of the model and rock.

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photo. Desert Glamour by Von Trapp Photography. #Austin #San Antonio #Houston #Dallas #Boudoir #Glamour<span class="large">Glamour portrait created in the desert beyond Las Vegas. </span> Richard von Trapp is a glamour portrait photographer who is available for beauty, glamour, boudoir, wedding, H.S. senior, and family photography.

  For me glamour photography is about creating images that have beauty, grace, mystery and transcendence from the everyday.  Such images are set apart from most photographs created or captured by photographers shooting today.  Their work is beautify yes, however, making an image that has true glamour is more difficult.  Especially if they are shooting only with natural light since their ability to control and create the light they need to make the glamour is limited.

  We at Von Trapp Photography want every woman to be connected to their glamour and beauty.  Contact us today and let us do just that.   


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