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  Light's Beautiful CurvesUsing light and shadows to create glamour.

  Light of course does not bend nor curve.  But the use of light and shadow to create the perception of a two dimensional object on a one dimension canvas, photographic paper or drawing paper is almost as old as cave paintings.  Don't hate me art history students...ok not really that old.  Because it is the very use of this light and shadow technique that takes paintings out of the cave and elevates them above kindergarten drawings.

  I created this glamour image using two 1x4 Profoto soft boxes with a grid to create the rim light on each side.  A third light was used above the camera but with a beauty dish to add a hint of fill.  I further reduced this light's value in post production to increase the drama and heighten the photo's glamour.  

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photo Light-Shadows and Curves by Von Trapp Photography. #Austin #San Antonio #Houston #Dallas #Boudoir #Glamour<span class="large">Evocative glamour photograph using light and shadows to define the curves of a woman's body.</span>

       Richard von Trapp of Von Trapp Photography is a Texas glamour photographer who loves traveling the world in search of capturing it's glamour.  Contact me today and let me excite you with how I can connect you to your glamour.  


Thanks you for the information as to how you created this lovely, glamour image.
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