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Fashion-Glamour Photo Shoot.On location with London.

 Photo shoots on location in cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio always offer great opportunities to include elements of local flavor and style to any glamour photo session.

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photoBeauty, Glamour and Tulle by Von Trapp Photography 2014Fashion glamour portrait created with edgy styling. This image was taken on location in San Antonio.   This beautiful glamour photograph was created using a simple lighting setup with only one strobe, fitted with a beauty dish, and positioned to camera left at about 9 feet above the ground.  The narrowness of this ally allowed my model to strike this great pose with ease, and the painted wall offers a sense of depth and downward movement of the stairway into the inky blackness behind her, which also offers a degree of mystery.  The natural draft of the alleyway aided in offering some movement to her hair; which would have been hard to do using manmade means in these tight conditions.

  In addition creating wonderful images for our client, she had a great time feeling like a supper model as we worked the streets of San Antonio to capture these images.   

 Creating images of glamour is my passion.  Let me create glamorous works of art with you as the subject.

                                         Richard von Trapp is  a Texas Glamour, Boudoir and Weddng Photographer.


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