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  Fitness GlamourCapturing Grace, Strength and Mystery.  Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Boudoir, Glamour Photography.

​  Have you spent lots of time and hard work getting fit?  Now it's time to make another form of art with you as the subject of a glamour photograph.  Glamour photography is the capturing or creation of imagery of a subject, human or inanimate, in such a way as to show its beauty, grace, mystery and a transcendence of the every day.

  In this fitness glamour image we used 3 studio strobes to sculpt the light falling on the body.  Two strobes, each fitted with a soft box and egg crate grid to precisely direct the light, were placed to the camera's left and right and 35 degrees behind the model.  The right one was allowed to spill some light onto the background which created the window blind effect seen below.  This is normally done with a gobo which is something that has a design or pattern cut into it and is placed in front of a light which then casts a shadow/highlight onto the background.  

Arlington, Austin, Dallas, "Fort Worth", Georgetown, Houston, "New Braunfels", "Round Rock", "San Antonio", "San Marcos", Schertz, Texas, beautiful, beauty, boudoir, edgy, fashion, glamorous, "glamour photography", intimate, lingerie, modern, nude, senior, sexy, tasteful, wedding, "woman's photography"Beauty and Strength by Von Trapp Boudoir and Glamour PhotographyEvocatively sexy glamour image created using three studio strobes by Texas Glamour Photographer.   My main light is on a light stand with a boom arm and is placed above the model's head, and is fitted with a beauty dish.  The sharp angles of the light placement creates the highlights and shadows that show off the musculature to best effect.

  I love natural light and have "chased" the light over the years, just as any committed photographer has.  But now I truly delight in the control afford by using strobes, speed lights, and light modifiers.  When one "chases the light" we are always limited to what is available on the day of the shoot, and for only the minutes or even moments that, in the case of sunlight, the light is available.  Clouds move and near sunrise and sunset the rapid movement of the earth will cause the sunlight to be different from minute to minute.  Strobes allow the photographer to create the light they are striving for and allow significant creative control.  

  I am Richard von Trapp and I am a glamour, boudoir, senior portrait and wedding photographer serving the Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas metropolitan ares.  Contact us today and let me excite you with how you can be connected to your beauty and glamour.

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp PhotographyGlamour Photography/Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.


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