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  Stark Beauty... Showcasing Beauty and Glamour at Enchanted Rock State Park | Texas Glamour/Boudoir Photographer. 

  Von Trapp Photography recently returned to Enchanted Rock for another day-long outdoor glamour photo shoot.  Enchanted Rock State Park is located 17 miles north of Fredericksburg on FM 965 and is easily accessed from Austin and San Antonio in a little more then 2 hours.  The stark beauty of the pink granite and the warm color of the light found there makes for truly beautiful and glamorous images.  

  We packed up our lighting and camera equipment and made out way there on a mid-fall day to create some fashion glamour images amongst the cliffs and stone monoliths found in the park.  The location required us to backpack in our lighting and photographic gear, wardrobe and water, but the scenery is well worth the effort.

  Our planned time for the shoot was set for the late afternoon all the way up to an hour before sunset.  This allowed us to get the great late afternoon shadows of this fall day, and still be moving off of the mountain while we had enough light to see.  We had a good idea of what locations on the mountain we would use, but some final recon was still needed to pinpoint each spot.  We chose to set up two thirds of the way up the mountain, and moved four times to locations over the length of a football field to get this day's images.  

  The first location was here in this small canyon pictured below.  The shot called for a two light setup.  One strobe with a beauty dish on a boom arm, the other without a modifier and placed in the rocks behind the model to provide the lovely rim light seen along her hair, back, and hip.  This rimming of a woman's figure both serves to separate her from the background and beckons the viewer's eye to follow the line of her body.  The power of these lights was balanced to complement the lovely soft light illuminating the canyon from above while still adding contrast and interest to the image.

Glamour Photo | Enchanted Rock | Edgy Beautiful Sexy Evocative Boudoir/Glamour PhotographyEnchanting Glamour by Von Trapp Fashion Photography 2014We really love creating glamour photographs that are set among the stark beauty of Enchanted Rock's monoliths and caves. The setting of this fashion-inspired image is in sharp contrast to the soft beauty of the model who is posed in a typical fashion magazine style pose.

      Our lighting equipment included 3 Profoto D1's, a soft box with grid, beauty dish, light stands, boom arm, sandbags (to steady the light stands and boom), cables, and a 26 lb Profoto battery in its own backpack.  We shot with a Canon 5D MkII with 24-70 f2.8L zoom and Canon 200 f2L telephoto.  Our model had several outfits complete with shoes/boots, accessories, makeup, and a good set of hiking boots and clothes for the trek in and out.  We also carried basic emergency equipment should we have been delayed getting off of the mountain in daylight.  For the Image above it was necessary to bury the power cable leading from the power pack, which was off camera, to the strobe in the rocks behind the model.  This light was fired by a radio trigger.  

  In all cases of remote location shooting, wardrobe changes are accomplished in a somewhat spartan manner.  The best case would allow for a changing tent.  Often a heavyweight space blanket is all that can be setup and on this occasion a convenient bolder or bush sufficed.  Professional models are accustomed to such conditions.  Clients, however, sometimes have to be prepared for the challenge of what their chosen concept shoot will bring.  But I have yet to encounter a client who is not up to the task, nor one who doesn't have a terrific time and wonderful experience. 

  Von Trapp Photography specializes in creating uniquely beautiful glamour, boudoir, and high school senior images that standout from the rest.  Our style is modern, fashion-inspired, and cinematic.  Whether we are creating evocative and sexy boudoir and glamour images, or edgy high school senior portraits, our artistry will be evident to you and be a great investment.

  Contact us so that we may delight you with one of a kind images that will connect you to your glamour.     


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