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  Glamour Shoot Along The Riverwalk...Glamour in the night with Von Trapp Photography

  A recent glamour shoot had Von Trapp Photography setting up lighting and camera gear at picturesque locations along the San Antonio Riverwalk to create glamorous and edgy images of Ms. Memory E.  This nighttime shoot took place two hours after sunset in the area around North Saint Marys and East Travis Streets in downtown San Antonio. 

  We wanted to use the architectural elements found here and light them in interesting ways while having our model in glamorous and edgy poses.


Emotive, Stylized, and Glamorous. 

  Creating high quality glamour photographs from the everyday is a specialized activity.  To be able to do so requires several different things: an artistic eye, technical skill, high quality equipment, an understanding of what glamour is, and people willing to work at making images that are transcendent.  

  In the Italian language there is a word for the "art" of concealing the skill and effort needed to look glamorous effortlessly, it is Sprezzatura.  When you commission us to create glamorous art with you as the subject, you can be sure that behind the look and feel of you being on the set of a fashion magi zing shoot is considerable sprezzatura.      

Graceful, Beautiful, and Mysterious

  During the second second half of our shoot, we changed direction to a edgy-glamour look.  For the image below we used a theatrical smoke machine to add interest and mystery to the image.

Texas Glamour Photography evocative edgy fashion-based editorial portraits.Houston and San Antonio Glamour Photography | At the Riverwalk.<span class="large"><strong>Edgy-glamour photo shoot along the River Walk in San Antonio at night. Theatrical smoke and studio light were used to create this unique glamour photograph.</strong></span>

Evocative Mystery

Glamour Photography that is unique emotive edgy sexy fashion-inspired in TexasUrban Glamour | Houston-Austin Glamour Photography<strong>Edgy-glamour photo shoot along the River Walk in San Antonio at night.</strong>

Edgy Urban Glamour

Aloof and Edgy Glamour   

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp Boudoir and Glamour Photography<span class="large">Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.</span>


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