Houston-Austin-San Antonio-Dallas Glamour Photography. "Joyful in the Rain"

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  Dramatic Clouds and Glamour...A Stormy Day Creates an Opportunity to Create. 

  Rain and dramatic clouds offered the perfect setting for creating this stylized fine art photograph which was inspired by images from the iconic Hollywood classics, The Wizard of Oz and Singing in the Rain.   

Joyful in the Rain.Stylized photo by San Antonio Photographer Richard von Trapp. A fine art, Hollywood-inspired image blending feelings of The Wizard of Oz and Singing in the Rain,   Photographed near San Antonio, we raced out to this spot when the rain clouds gathered and was able to capture this dramatic shot.  As the rain fell we set up our strobes and lighting modifiers and quickly styled this shot.  Balancing on the wet railroad track was hard enough, but was made even mort challenging by the wind that was blowing. 

  The clouds seen here existed as they appear.  However, the stylized coloration of a light and eery green were added in post-processing.  I wanted to suggest the possibility of a building tornado, threatening to carry off my modern day Dorothy.

  The surreal like quality to the light of what one might think is associated with a coming tornado is carried over into the bright yellow patch of grass.  The rain drops can be seen falling, having been captured with the aid of the strobe.  So too can the water droplets be seen on the umbrella.

   My "Dorothy" incorporates the sense of carefree indifference to the elements of Gene Kelly in the movie "Singing In The Rain" with her attitude and seemingly lack of concern for the coming storm.

  I am Richard von Trapp and I am a Photo Artist specializing in creating evocative Glamour, Boudoir, Wedding and Senior Portraits. 

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