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   Texas Photographer Creates Glamour in EuropeFashion-Glamour Shoot in the Medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany.

  The town of Rothenburg Germany is located in the northwestern part of Bavaria in the Franconia region.  It dates from the year 1170 and is the home of just under 11,000 residents.  It is a walled town with watch towers, defensive positions and, in places, a mote.  The image below was created on the second level within one of the towers using two strobes and a soft box.

Glamour boudoir wedding sexy photography evocative tasteful nude Texas photographerIn The Fortress Wall by Von Trapp Fashion Photography 2014This fashion glamour image was created in the medieval town of Rothenburg Germany within the defensive city wall. Von Trapp Photography traveled from San Antonio to Europe to capture the texture, mood and light of the region in a series of glamour portraits. Austin-Houston-San Antonio-Dallas glamour photographer Richard von Trapp.

  This picturesque treasure survived several brushes with destruction over the centuries, including WWII when a peaceful solution was reached between American and German soldiers, in contradiction to Hitler's orders, and the town was spared extensive damage.

  We traveled to this and other locations to create glamour, fashion-editorial, and boudoir images in the beauty and charm of Italy and Germany.  This behind the scenes photo was taken durning the initial lighting set-up of a shot within one of the defensive positions of the wall.  

Arlington, Austin, Dallas, "Fort Worth", Georgetown, Houston, "New Braunfels", "Round Rock", "San Antonio", "San Marcos", Schertz, Texas, beautiful, beauty, boudoir, edgy, fashion, glamorous, "glamour photography", intimate, lingerie, modern, nude, senior, sexy, tasteful, wedding, "woman's photography"Crafting the Light | Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio Boudoir-Glamour-PinupFashion/Glamour photographer Richard von Trapp taking a flash exposure reading durning a fashion shoot in Germany.                                        Texas photo-artist Richard von Trapp and model setting up for a fashion-glamour editorial shoot.            

  Here I am taking a light meter reading of my primary strobe which is fitted with a 2x3 foot soft box.  To my rear is a second strobe being used to create a rim light on the model in order to separate her from the darker background.  I ultimately balanced the light output from these two strobes with the natural light coming in from the outside to create my final look. 

Austin, Houston Glamour-Boudoir-Fashion Photography. Flick of Red by Von Trapp Fashion Photography 2014This fashion glamour image was created in the medieval town of Rothenburg Germany within the defensive city wall by Austin-Houston-San Antonio-Dallas glamour photographer Richard von Trapp

  This is the final look of the capture we created.  The addition of the red fabric with its intense pop of color and sense of movement really adds to the drama of the photograph.  The exposure and light output of our two strobes was balanced with the available light coming in through the window.  I finished the image with a golden glow, and the color was really picked up by the stone of the wall.        

  Von Trapp Photography creates beautifully evocative images that connect you to your glamour, and allow you to fall in love with yourself.  Contact me today and let me excite you with how you can be the captured in a way that few photographers can.    

 Visit this link to see public domaine images of Rothenburg:

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp PhotographyGlamour Photography/Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.


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