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Kiti's Boudoir Session...Beautiful New Mother of Three Reconnected to Her Glamour  

  Von Trapp Boudoir Photography traveled from San Antonio to Las Vegas and had the great joy of shooting Kiti Kobain, a talented and wonderful woman who is a published and experienced print and runway mode.  Kiti is a new mom of three and despite her considerable experience, as exampled in her impressive portfolio, was apprehensive at the thought of being photographed after her pregnancy.  

  Much like most ladies who consider being photographed in a boudoir or glamour session, Ms. Kiti seemed to be uneasy when she reported for hair and makeup.  Despite years of experience in front of the camera, she was much like any other beautiful woman being photographed for the first time.  In fact, Kiti was being photographed for the first time, as a new mother.

  For a woman being photographed especially in such a evocative setting, disquiet and apprehension is quite normal and expected.  Concerns about body shape, skin, hair and self image are normal and a part of every woman's daily life.  For better or worse it is a part of your mental makeup and is inextricably connected to that which makes you special and powerful.

  My joy as an artist is to help women work through their normal apprehensions in order to unveil the glamour within each one.  The journey that we take together varies for different women, but it is still traveled.

Austin Texas Boudoir and Glamour Photography Evocative Couture Modern Edgy Fashion-Inspired Intimate Lingerie Sexy TastefulKiti in Her Boudoir by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Texas Boudoir PhotographyBeautiful Classic Boudoir
Beautifully emotive, this boudoir photograph of Kiti was taken at the dressing table, wearing her vintage inspired Bullet Bra, Open Bottom Girdle and RHT Stockings. Boudoir photography captures a verity of evocative moments that can be photographed in the Classic manner in her boudoir (parlor, changing poem, bedroom) getting ready, or might be Classy where she is not necessary in the boudoir setting and is usually wearing lingerie.

Model: Kiti Kobain
Wardrobe: By Model
MUA: Glam by Samiha
Hair: Jeanette Marie

Model: Kiti Kobain

Wardrobe: By Model

Makeup: Glam by Samiha

Hair: Jeanette Marie

Props/Set Dressing: Von Trapp Photography

Set Location: SLS Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

  ​Let us connect you to your glamour with a boudoir session that will create art with you as the subject.

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