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  Five Fabulous Days in Prague Part 2...A crazy full day of shooting.

  Shoot Day #2

  In part 1 you visited with us as we photographed our first Playboy model Diana.  Here in part 2, which took place the next day, we shot two more models at two different locations.  The weather caused our nighttime city lingerie shoot with TerryZ, originally scheduled for two nights prior, to be delayed due to the threat of rain.  So our planned activities for day #1 and #3 were combined into this day for one marathon-long shooting day lasting over 16 hours for the crew.  

  It started with a hotel change from the Old City Center to the Franciscan Garden area.  Strolling the 1.5Km to our new location was easy, dispite the nearly 230lbs of photo gear in 5 bags, and made for a very lovely morning tour of the area.   

  After meeting with the property manger and a trip to a nearby local market for some food and drink to have on set for the crew, we welcomed our hair and make up artist (HMUA) Linda and our first of two models to set. 

Behind the Scenes image durning a Prague fashion glamour shoot.Linda and Coxy by Von Trapp Photography 2016HMUA Linda works on Coxy's hair and makeup prior to our glamour shoot in the Franciscan Garden Glass Apartment, Prague.

Sexy lingerie glamour photo shoot in Prague. Elegant and emotive glamour photography.Dominika Reclined by Von Trapp Photography 2016Glamorous Fashion Image
​Dominika, aka Coxy, is a published fashion and glamour model from the Czech Republic who we had the great pleasure to shoot for this elegant lingerie image. HMUA: Linda Chudomelová.

  We started with Playboy model Coxy who is as delightful in person as she is beautiful. During our time together, which was oh so very short, we created some wonderful glamour, fashion and editorial style images.
  Whilst we continued shooting the lovely Coxy, our second model the absolutely charming TerryZ, arrived on set to start hair and makeup with Linda.  
  Here is one of our first images taken of the two of them working together.  We planned three separate shots that we wanted to create with these two ladies. 
  This shot was great fun to create.  The energy on set that was created by everyone was wonderful and really a joy to experience.  This is one of 13 takes, I think we could have got it in 3 or 4, but everyone was having so much fun we just kept going.  
    We finished with Coxy creating the next image of she and TerryZ.
  It was at this point that we bid Coxy adieu and with the sincere hope that we will shoot together again.  Come back to see TerryZ's two individal shoots with us here in the incredible city of Prague.
  Watch this impressive work of video art on You Tube showing some of the most recognized scenes of Prague.


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