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  Fashion and Glamour in Venice....San Antonio photographer shoots on location.  Final Segment

  We traveled to Venice Italy to a palazzo located in the eastern part of the Cannaregio district.  This palazzo, now subdivided into several grand apartments, was once the nobel palace of the Gradenigo family which produced several leaders of Venice known as the Doge. 

  In this last installment to our series about shooting fashion and glamour in Venice, you will see many of the final images from our 4 days of living and working in one of the world's most incredible cities.

​  To see more about our incredible time there see the following links to my other blogs about our travel from San Antonio Texas to the iconicity romantic city of Venice.

Sexy Fashion photo of two women wearing Venetian masks in a Venice palazzo.Masked Ball by Von Trapp Photography 2015The tradition of wearing masks by Venetians dates back to the 13th century. Here we pay homage to the Venetian ball while on location in a grand palazzo. Our models are wearing a Colombina style mask which covers only part of the face.

Fashion Nude photo taken in a Venice Palazzo, Italy.Going To A Party v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion image taken in the enterance way of the Italian Palazzo Ca Zen.

Fashion shoot in Venice Italy. San Antonio fashion photographer travels to Venice Italy for a glamour shoot.Venice Ally by Von Trapp Photogrphy 2015Fashion Image taken in Venice Italy.

Fashion nude image taken in Venice by Texas Fashion Photographer Von Trapp Photography.Nude on a Staircase by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion nude image of Nicole taken outside the front door of the plazzo apartment.

Fashion nude photo taken in Venice Italy of a woman wearing scrappy stilettos and red silk in a frescoed palazzo room.Stilettos and Red Silk by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy Fashion Nude. This image, taken in the grand living room of the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice, captures the sensual light that is falling upon our model, her wardrobe, the frescoed walls and mosaic floor. Fashion photo shoot in Venice with Texas photographer Von Trapp Photography.Nicole Thong Bodysuit by Von Trapp Photography 2015Nicole turns heads in Venice as she models on the allyways of Venice during Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot.

Sexy Fashion Glamour Photography. Image of a woman wearing lingerie taken in a frescoed room of an Italian palazzo.Sexy and Long by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy Fashion-Glamou. Austin-Houston Fashion Photographer Von Trapp Photography shoot glamour in the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice Italy.

Fashion Shoot in Venice, Sexy Fashion Glamour Photography.Leggy in Teal by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Fashion PhotographyNicole in teal heels and sexy high slit dress, photographed in Venice Italy.

Fashion image of woman at the doorway to a Venice Palazzo balcony wearing lingerie.Palazzo Balcony v.5 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Stunning fashion image created in a Venice Palazzo capturing the lovely form and shapes of the Venetian architecture and lovely form of our model.

Sexy emotive glamour nude photograph of a young woman taken in an Palazzo in Venice Italy.  Ca Zen, Venice.Nicole Champagne by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy Fashion Glamour Shoot. This gorgeous glamour image of Nicole was one in a series from the Palazzo Ca Zen fashion shoot in Venice Italy. This lovely light coming in through the windows of the dining room, along with a strobe fill makes for a glamorous glow and stunning image. Texas fashion photographer Von Trapp Photography shoots in VeniceGolden Mysterious by Von Trapp Photography 2015Mysterious, leggy and glamorous. Our model is ready for her masked ball in Venice. Fashion Nude Photo taken in a Venice Palazzo, Italy.Nude In Venice Palazzo v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Nude. The dining room of a Venetian palazzo is the setting for this fashion nude. Our model is holding a handmade Venetian mask called a Colombina which covers only half of the face, and in this version is attached to a wooden baton.

Sexy Lingerie Glamour Fashion Photo Shoot at the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice Italy.Palace Glamour Nicole in Agent Provocateur by Von Trapp Photography 2015The stunning setting of the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice Italy was the backdrop for Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot. Here Nicole wears Agent Provocateur amongst the marble and frescos. Lingerie Glamour Photography, Boudoir Photography, Venice Fashion Photo Shoot.At The Doorway by Von Trapp Photography 2015Nicole in the dining room of the Palazzo Ca Zen. Illuminated by a lovely afternoon light from the east, Nicole models a bustier and gold lace stay ups.

Fashion Nude photo taken in a Venice Palazzo, Italy.Nicole At The Door by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion shoot at the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice Italy. This Palazzo is the once nobel palace of one of Venice's leading families which produced several heads of state of the republic known as the Doge. Sexy fashion glamour photograph.San Antonio, Austin, Houston fashion boudoir photographer shoots glamour in Venice Sexy Back by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy fashion shot taken in Venice near the Palazzo Zen.

  Living and Shooting in Splendor.

  San Antonio fashion-glamour photographer on location in Italy Part 2.

  Fashion Shoot in Venice...A Dream Location Part 3.

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