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Photo of a Sunrise camel ride to the Giza Pyramids Egypt.Photo of Technical Diving with a PRICM Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreather in the Sinai Egypt.Technical Diving Exploration Photo off of the Dry Tortugas Florida.Photo of Technical Divers on open circuit SCUBA off of the Dry Tortugas Florida about to enter the water from the back of a boat.Photo of couple at the New York Explorers Club dressed in long gown and Army Blue Mess Dress.Table for TwoCage Diving at the Farallon IslandsOutside the CageSafe ReturnCage with a ViewWatchful EyeOn RappelCapturing KonigseeCapturingA Field of StromThe Big EyeOver the Blue HoleLion FishScottish HighlandsDoing Deco