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Fashion, Editorial, Glamour and Boudoir Images Created in Monochrome.

Creative glamour, fashion, lingerie and art nude photographs by San Antonio photographer CPT. Richard von Trapp.
Black and white fashion-glamour photo of a hot woman outdoors in bra, garter belt, stockings ,broad brim hat and come fuck me stilettoes, flashing her pussy in public.Art nude photo of a sexy Dutch woman posed on a grassy hill in Naarden Vesting, Holland.Sexy and emotive implied nude boudoir photograph in black and white.Fashion photo taken in Venice of a leggy blond showing lots of leg in a hip-high side-slit gown.Black and White art nude photo of a woman outdoors on a granite mountain.Fashion Glamour photograph of a leggy woman wearing stilettoes, sunglasses and a hooded fur cape, posed on a mountain in the Italian Dolomites, and flashing her coochie.Hot fashion glamour photo of a seductive woman without panties, wearing a bustier and chapeau seen through a window.Fashion-Glamour photo of a sexy mature woman wearing lingerie and stilettoes, kneeling on a stairs in public.Art nude photo of a sexy woman wearing toe shoes, en pointe of a rock outdoors.Edgy and erotic photo of two women on a pool table.Emotive glamour photo of a sexy woman in lingerie at a window of a Venetian palazzo.Fashion photo of a sexy woman wearing a long black coat, garter belt, stockings, and heels, flashing her pussy in public in Munich, Germany.Glamour boudoir photo of a woman in sexy lingerie outdoors in a parking garage in San Antonio.Boudoir photo of a sexy Hungarian woman dressed in lingerie, on all forms on a bed.Sexy glamour  nude of a woman in profile in Budapest.Boudoir photo of a woman wearing lingerie in front of a full length mirror.Fashion Boudoir Glamour photo of a sexy woman in a lace bra.Art nude photo of a woman's torso covered in beach sand.Erotic photo of a Czech woman wearing stockings and stilettoes.Art nude image of a woman with blond hair, backlit by the sun in the Texas Hill Country.