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Thank you for visiting with me.  This blog chronicles my journey as a professional glamour, boudoir and fashion photographer as well as my continuing adventures around the world. 

Enchanting Budapest, Beauty, Grace and Glamour Part 2.

January 30, 2018  •  1 Comment


Enchanting Budapest, Beauty, Grace and Glamour Part 2.   

  After a successful first day shoot with Adrienn Dubay, I prepared for today's session by first moving from my hotel, across from the Matthias Church, to a lovely apartment a short but challenging ¼ mile walk away.

  The late November weather had turned colder, which added considerable discomfort to the walk with my 3 bags of photographic equipment, wardrobe, and props.  Since I was staying on the high ground west of the Dana River (commonly known as the Danube), just about any change of location involved going downhill.  So, after a slog along, what was otherwise, a lovely cobbled-pathway and stairs...lots of stairs, I arrived at the "Glamloft" apartment and was soon met by model Wivy.  We then set about using the interesting two story space to create the following images. Model/HMU: Wivy Model Mayhem #3102023

Fashion nude photo taken in Budapest, sexy, emotive glamour photography.Mysterious Woman-Vivien v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Fashion glamour image of model Vivien taken in Budapest. Glamour nude photo of a woman standing on a stairway in Budapest.Outline v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016.Fashion shoot in Budapest with model Vivi by Von Trapp Photography, Texas fashion/glamour photographer. Fashion nude photo of a woman taken in Budapest by Von Trapp Fashion Photography.Stark Beauty v.2a by Von Trapp Photography 2016The lovely Hungarian model Vivi photographed in Budapest.

Model/HMU: Wivy
Fashion nude photo taken in Budapest by San Antonio Photographer.Putting My Feet Up v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Sexy Fashion Glamour shoot with Hungarian model Vivi in Budapest. Sexy glamour  nude of a woman in profile in Budapest.Point In Profile by Von Trapp Photography 2016.Sexy Hungarian model Vivi posing for our glamour shoot in Budapest.

Model/HMU: Wivi
Glamour photo of a topless woman in Budapest wearing elbow length gloves, thong, lace top stockings holding wine glass.Some Wine? v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Glamour shoot in Budapest with model Wivy. Hair and makeup by model.

Fashion nude image taken by San Antonio Glamour Photographer, taken in Budapest.Vivien Nude v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Fashion nude of Hungarian model Vivien. Fashion nude taken in Budapest by San Antonio Glamour Photographer.Vivi in Black Lace v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Glamour nude of Vivien created by Von Trapp Photography in Budapest.

Fashion nude image taken in Budapest by San Antonio Glamour Photographer.Curves and Texture by Von Trapp Photography 2016Sexy fashion nude of Hungarian beauty Vivi taken in Budapest.

Nude fashion photo created in Budapest by Von Trapp Glamour Photography.Black Lace and a Pop of Red by Von Trapp Photography 2016Hungarian model Vivi strikes a fashion pose on a stairway during our fashion shoot in Budapest. Fashion nude photo taken in Budapest by San Antonio Fashion-Glamour-Boudoir Photographer, Von Trapp Photography.Caress (Wivy) v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Hungarian model Wivy during a fashion-glamour shoot in Budapest.

Art nude photography by San Antonio Photography of a woman in Budapest.Vivi Nude v.1a by Von Trapp Photography 2016.Fashion Glamour Nude of Hungarian model Vivien.

Model/HMU: Wivy

  So, another shoot completed I got ready for my last day.  That 3rd and final shoot was planned at yet another location which had me walking back up and then down the high ground upon which the Buda Castle sits.  Return to see that final shoot with the fantastic Katey.

Follow this link to see a video of Budapest on You Tube.

Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.



Glamour In Venice, Fashion Shoot At Palazzo Ca Zen Part 1

November 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

  Return To Venice...Our second visit to the enchanting La Serenissima.

    After our successful 2015 shoot, Von Trapp Photography planned and scheduled a return to the enchanting city of Venice Italy.  As in 2015 we choose to use the Palazzo Ca Zen as our set location and accommodation, this time taking two models and shooting at additional outdoor locations around the city as well as in the palazzo.

Models/HMU: Kat Alexis Model Mayhem #246496 Classic Kim Model Mayhem #791448
Fashion nude photograph of a woman at a window in a Venice palazzo.Arousing Reflection v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2017A sexy moment at the kitchen window. Venice fashion shoot at the Palazzo Ca Zen.

Photo of a woman in Venice wearing sexy sheer black lingerie in public.Alluring The Rain v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2017(From the series: Come See What Is Under My Coat) Kat Alexis is an engaging sight in black lingerie at Punta della Dogana. Venice fashion shoot.   As with all of our photo shoots extensive planning was involved.  We found two wonderful west coast based models, one in Portland the other in Tacoma who accompanied us to Venice for the week long stay at the palazzo.  Once there we shot each model for three days using every room of the palazzo, and at several locations around Venice during both daytime and at night.

  This trip was scheduled for mid-March which allowed for a different light and less visitors to the city over what we had in September 2015.  But it also required our models to work in the colder nighttime temperatures and sprinkles of rain during the daytime.  None the less their professionalism saw them through it all and we created wonderful art.
Glamour photo of a woman wearing a sheer white top in a kitchen in a Venice palazzo.Tazza di caffè? v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2017Morning coffee with model Classic Kim, a beauty that captures the Italian feel for this fashion image in palazzo Ca Zen. Fashion Glamour photo shoot in Venice.

  As I blogged about in our 2015 shoot here I noted that this centuries old palazzo belonged to a noble family, and now has been subdivided into several huge apartments.   

The Ladies of Palazzo Ca Zen by Von Trapp Photography 2017Kat and Kim in the main bedroom of Ca Zen prior to their shoot.

  The above behind the scenes video of Kim and Kat is created in the grand bedroom with its French-Doored balcony and 2 sets of huge windows overlooking the Rio de Santa Caterina.

Sexy fashion-glamour photo of two hot women in a Venetian palazzo wearing Agent Provocateur dresses.Chic e belle donne by Von Trapp Photography 2017.(Title: Chic and beautiful women)

The enchanting Kat and Kim dress for a stylish evening in Venice. Fashion shoot at palazzo Ca Zen.

Model/HMU: Kat Alexis and Classic Kim.


Fashion nude photo of two hot women in a Venetian palazzo.Chic e sensuale by Von Trapp Photography 2017.(Title: Chic and sensuous) Elegance and femininity combine to create a sensual fashion image when Kat and Kim pair up in a Venice fashion shoot at palazzo Ca Zen. Models/HMU: Kat Alexis and Classic Kim.

  This patina rich and stately apartment is located in the Cannaregio neighborhood on the North side of the island.  It offers an American photographer numerous, unique and interesting elements not easily found nor accessed in the states.  

  The crowning jewel is undoubtedly the frescoed living room with its grand windows that overlook a small piazza.  The following two images showcase this room and its windows.

Fashion photo of two sexy women wearing lingerie in a frescoed Venetian palazzo.Visione seducente v.1b by Von Trapp Photography 2017(Title: Seductive vision) The magnificent frescoed living room of Palazzo Ca Zen is the setting for this fashion image of Kat and Kim. Models/HMU: Kat Alexis

Sexy photo of a woman in lingerie at the window of an Italian palazzo in Venice.Dov'è Carlo? v.1a by Von Trapp Photography 2017(Title: Where Is Carlo? ) La bella donna attende alla finestra del Palazzo. (The beautiful woman awaits at the Palazzo window.) Venice fashion shoot at the Palazzo Ca Zen. Model/HMU: Kat Alexis

  When we prepare for a shoot our per-production planning is extensive.  Location(s), model(s), styling and wardrobe, and possible poses will be considered in great detail.  This preparation will often be started 4 to 6 months prior to a possible shoot date being picked.  All in the hope of being the most efficient once on set and to be better prepared to react to possible unexpected events and still "get the shot"!

  Return often to see where in the world our current project has us shooting. 

Follow this link to see an impressive work of video artwork on You Tube.

Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.


Budapest Adventure | Fashion shoot in one Europe's most beautiful cities.

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

  Enchanting Budapest, Beauty, Grace and Glamour Part 1.

  The first time I traveled to Budapest Hungary was almost 21 years ago as a member of the lead elements of the 1st Armor Division enroute to the war-torn Balkins to implement the Dayton Peace Accords.  That was mid-December of 1995 while on a military train ladened with our gear, vehicles and troops starting a year long mission in Bosnia.  My experience of the city then was only that of a glimpse from the train.  This time I had the memorable chance to experience this lovely and elegant city under very different circumstances.

  Traveling from San Antonio to Budapest via Munich, I arrivied refreshed and ready to start confirming my planned locations with the scouting of what I selected from map and satellite images.  The shoot was planned in great detail over the prior 6 months; now I was finally there and excited to see and shoot in this most enchanting place.

  What a gem of a city!  Budapest has a charm and elegance that is seen everywhere.  The architecture in the city center is superb and the people are lovely.  

  I chose to stay is three different locations, which would allow me to easily access different parts of Buda, and give me two different indoor shoot locations.  The first area was in and around Fisherman's Bastion (Halászbástya), Matthias Church (Mátyás Templom) and Vienna Gate (Bécsi kapu). 

  I met with my first model Adrienn in front of the Burg Hotel, where I was staying, and we strode off to shoot in the streets.

Adrienn Dubay Model/HMU: #2172368  

Lingerie glamour photo taken on a Budapest street of a woman flashing.A Morning Stroll in Budapest by Von Trapp Photography 2016(From the series: "Cum See What I'm Wearing Under My Coat")

Taken in the castle district soon after sunrise of model Adrienn on a cold November morning.

Model: Adrienn Dubay


Lingerie glamour photo shoot in Budapest by San Antonio-Austin Glamour Boudoir Photographer.Let Me Stop You Here v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016(From the series: "Cum See What I'm Wearing Under My Coat")

Lingerie glamour shoot shoot in Budapest's Castle District.

Model/HMU: Adrienn Dubay Model Mayhem #2172368


Edgy lingerie glamour image of a woman in public in Budapest.Adrienn Against The Bricks by Von Trapp Photography 2016.We created this image during a sunrise shoot in Budapest at Bécsi kapu. A city gate which is located at the Bécsi kapu square, Buda Castle, in 1st District, Budapest, Hungary. It was the port connecting the Castle with the highway to Vienna.

Model/HMU: Adrienn

  Our hour and a half together now over, I bid Adrienn goodby as she went off to warm up.  It was now time for breakfast and more location scouting.

  Check out this wonderful video on You Tube showing much of the area I worked in around the Fisherman's Bastion (Halászbástya), Matthias Church (Mátyás Templom). 

  Return here to see part two featuring Vivian during our glamour/fashion shooing in the lovely Budapest.


Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.



Prague Fashion Shoot Part 2 | San Antonio Photographer Shoots on Location

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  Five Fabulous Days in Prague Part 2...A crazy full day of shooting.

  Shoot Day #2

  In part 1 you visited with us as we photographed our first Playboy model Diana.  Here in part 2, which took place the next day, we shot two more models at two different locations.  The weather caused our nighttime city lingerie shoot with TerryZ, originally scheduled for two nights prior, to be delayed due to the threat of rain.  So our planned activities for day #1 and #3 were combined into this day for one marathon-long shooting day lasting over 16 hours for the crew.  

  It started with a hotel change from the Old City Center to the Franciscan Garden area.  Strolling the 1.5Km to our new location was easy, dispite the nearly 230lbs of photo gear in 5 bags, and made for a very lovely morning tour of the area.   

  After meeting with the property manger and a trip to a nearby local market for some food and drink to have on set for the crew, we welcomed our hair and make up artist (HMUA) Linda and our first of two models to set. 

HMUA: Linda Chudomelová Model Mayhem #2841941
Model: Coxy Dominika Model Mayhem #1932887
Model: TerryZ Model Mayhem #3765368


Behind the Scenes image durning a Prague fashion glamour shoot.Linda and Coxy by Von Trapp Photography 2016HMUA Linda works on Coxy's hair and makeup prior to our glamour shoot in the Franciscan Garden Glass Apartment, Prague.

Sexy lingerie glamour photo shoot in Prague. Elegant and emotive glamour photography.Dominika Reclined by Von Trapp Photography 2016Glamorous Fashion Image
​Dominika, aka Coxy, is a published fashion and glamour model from the Czech Republic who we had the great pleasure to shoot for this elegant lingerie image. HMUA: Linda Chudomelová.

  We started with Playboy model Coxy who is as delightful in person as she is beautiful. During our time together, which was oh so very short, we created some wonderful glamour, fashion and editorial style images.
  Whilst we continued shooting the lovely Coxy, our second model the absolutely charming TerryZ, arrived on set to start hair and makeup with Linda.  
  Here is one of our first images taken of the two of them working together.  We planned three separate shots that we wanted to create with these two ladies. 
  This shot was great fun to create.  The energy on set that was created by everyone was wonderful and really a joy to experience.  This is one of 13 takes, I think we could have got it in 3 or 4, but everyone was having so much fun we just kept going.  
    We finished with Coxy creating the next image of she and TerryZ.
  It was at this point that we bid Coxy adieu and with the sincere hope that we will shoot together again.  Come back to see TerryZ's two individal shoots with us here in the incredible city of Prague.
  Watch this impressive work of video art on You Tube showing some of the most recognized scenes of Prague.

Click here to read Part #1

Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.


Venice Fashion Shoot Final Segment | San Antonio Glamour

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  Fashion and Glamour in Venice....San Antonio photographer shoots on location.  Final Segment

  We traveled to Venice Italy to a palazzo located in the eastern part of the Cannaregio district.  This palazzo, now subdivided into several grand apartments, was once the nobel palace of the Gradenigo family which produced several leaders of Venice known as the Doge. 

  In this last installment to our series about shooting fashion and glamour in Venice, you will see many of the final images from our 4 days of living and working in one of the world's most incredible cities.

​  To see more about our incredible time there see the following links to my other blogs about our travel from San Antonio Texas to the iconicity romantic city of Venice.

Models/HMU: uNicoleorn Model Mayhem #3522239
& Monique

Sexy Fashion photo of two women wearing Venetian masks in a Venice palazzo.Masked Ball by Von Trapp Photography 2015The tradition of wearing masks by Venetians dates back to the 13th century. Here we pay homage to the Venetian ball while on location in a grand palazzo. Our models are wearing a Colombina style mask which covers only part of the face.

Glamou photo of a leggy woman in a thong bodysuit and heels on a street in Venice Italy.Legs and Heels v.3 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.Our leggy and sexy model interacts with the gritty beauty of a Venetian piazza.Model/HMU: uNicoleorn Model Mayhem #3522239


Fashion shoot in Venice Italy. San Antonio fashion photographer travels to Venice Italy for a glamour shoot.Venice Ally by Von Trapp Photogrphy 2015Fashion Image taken in Venice Italy.

Lingerie glamour photo of a woman in a Venetian palazzo in Italy.Morning Light by Von Trapp Photography 2015.The lovely morning light of Venice rim lights our model Nicole in the centuries old palazzo Ca Zen. Model/HMU: uNicoleorn Model Mayhem: #3522239


Fashion nude photo taken in Venice Italy of a woman wearing scrappy stilettos and red silk in a frescoed palazzo room.Stilettos and Red Silk by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy Fashion Nude. This image, taken in the grand living room of the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice, captures the sensual light that is falling upon our model, her wardrobe, the frescoed walls and mosaic floor. Fashion photo shoot in Venice with Texas photographer Von Trapp Photography.Nicole Thong Bodysuit by Von Trapp Photography 2015Nicole turns heads in Venice as she models on the allyways of Venice during Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot.

Fashion Shoot in Venice, Sexy Fashion Glamour Photography.Leggy in Teal by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Fashion PhotographyNicole in teal heels and sexy high slit dress, photographed in Venice Italy.

Fashion image of woman at the doorway to a Venice Palazzo balcony wearing lingerie.Palazzo Balcony v.5 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Stunning fashion image created in a Venice Palazzo capturing the lovely form and shapes of the Venetian architecture and lovely form of our model.

Model: uNicoleorn

Sexy emotive glamour nude photograph of a young woman taken in an Palazzo in Venice Italy.  Ca Zen, Venice.Nicole Champagne by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy Fashion Glamour Shoot. This gorgeous glamour image of Nicole was one in a series from the Palazzo Ca Zen fashion shoot in Venice Italy. This lovely light coming in through the windows of the dining room, along with a strobe fill makes for a glamorous glow and stunning image.

Fashion glamour photograph created in Venice Italy.Intensity v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Emotive Fashion Glamour

​Model Nicole smolders in Agent Provocateur lingerie. This intensely beautiful fashion image was glamorously created at the Palazzo Ca Zeno in northern Venice. This is but one in a series of fashion images created by Von Trapp Photography durning our fashion shoot in this stunning location.

Model: uNicoleorn
Read more about our glamour shoot here. Part #1
Fashion Nude Photo taken in a Venice Palazzo, Italy.Nude In Venice Palazzo v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Nude. The dining room of a Venetian palazzo is the setting for this fashion nude. Our model is holding a handmade Venetian mask called a Colombina which covers only half of the face, and in this version is attached to a wooden baton.

Sexy Lingerie Glamour Fashion Photo Shoot at the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice Italy.Palace Glamour Nicole in Agent Provocateur by Von Trapp Photography 2015The stunning setting of the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice Italy was the backdrop for Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot. Here Nicole wears Agent Provocateur amongst the marble and frescos.

Lingerie glamour photo of a woman in a Venetian palazzo in Italy.Palace Glamour by Von Trapp Photography 2015.Nicole in Agent Provocateur. The stunning setting of the Palazzo Ca Zeno in Venice Italy was the backdrop for Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot. Model/HMU: uNicoleorn Model Mayhem: #3522239

Sexy fashion glamour photograph.San Antonio, Austin, Houston fashion boudoir photographer shoots glamour in Venice Sexy Back by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy fashion shot taken in Venice near the Palazzo Zen.

Fashion-Glamour photo of a sexy woman sitting on the steps of a palazzo in Venice Italy.Nicole Stairway by Von Trapp Photography 2015.Texas Fashion Glamour Photographer in Venice Italy. Models/HMU: uNicoleorn Model Mayhem: #3522239

Boudoir Glamour photo of a busty woman in lingerie, taken in a Venetian palazzo.Girls Out Front v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.Fashion Glamour Boudoir photo shoot in the palazzo Ca Zen, Venice.

Model: uNicoleorn

  Living and Shooting in Splendor.

  San Antonio fashion-glamour photographer on location in Italy Part 2.

  Fashion Shoot in Venice...A Dream Location Part 3.

Follow this link to see a YouTube video of this lovely city. 

Follow this link to see our return visit in 2017 to shoot in Venice.

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer. Fashion PhotographerVon Trapp Fashion Glamour Boudoir Photography Glamour Photography. Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.

Open your mind and heart, travel and become a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.


Glamour Shoot in Germany Part 2

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 Glamour Shoot in Munich Germany Part 2...Texas Fashion Photographer on location. 

  In Part 1 we took you to the grounds of the Schleissheim Palace outside of Munchen where Von Trapp Photography shot some lingerie fashion editorial images.  

  We were on our return to Texas after several days in Italy where we photographed Nicole in the Palazzo Ca Zen.  This is but one of those images taken in Venice just days before. (Image below)
San Antonio fashion photography. Evocative Fashion Nude Photography, Sexy Fashion Nude Photo, Boudoir PhotographyFashion Completes Me by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Editorial Nude. ​The dining room fireplace in the Palazzo Ca Zen with its grand gilded mirror is a striking backdrop for this editorial nude of Nicole.


  Now, having traveled to the northwest side of Munich, to the grounds of the Lustheim and Scheissheim Palaces, we created these lingerie-glamour fashion images. 

Austin-San Antonio Fashion Photographer. Sexy fashion editorial image of a leggy woman in Munich. Texas Photographer shoots in Germany.Among the Columns v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Shoot in Germany. The columns of the Pavillion at the Lustheim Palace are is the setting for this fashion image.

Sexy lingerie fashion glamour image taken in Germany by San Antonio fashion photographer Von Trapp photography.Dark Beauty on a Bridge v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion photo taken in the Schloss Lustheim Garden, Munchen, Germany.

Sexy emotive fashion image taken by San Antonio Fashion PhotographerDark Beauty's Shadow v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Glamour in Munich. Emotive and sexy fashion image photographed on the grounds of the Lustheim Palace in Munich Germany.

Sexy lingerie glamour photo taken in Germany by San Antonio fashion photographer Von Trapp Photography. Dark Beauty v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Dark Palace Beauty and Glamour. Our lingerie model is photographed on the veranda of the Lustheim Palace. In the background we see the New Schiessheim Palace to the West. On this day the brightly colored flower gardens played host to a dramatic sky and our dusky raven haired beauty.

Dramatic and sexy fashion image of a woman wearing lingerie at the Lustheim Palace in Munich Germany. Houston-San Antonio Fashion Photographer shoots fashion and glamour.Darkness & Beauty v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Darkness falls on the city of Munich and the Lustheim Palace as we capture this very dramatic sky and the glamour of our model.

Dark-edgy fashion photo of a woman flashing her stocking top from under a long coat.Dark Beauty's Shadow v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.(From the series: "Cum See What I'm Wearing Under My Coat")

Fashion Glamour image taken in München Germany at the Schloss Lustheim garden.

Model/HMU: Monique

  Von Trapp Photography is a couture, glamour, boudoir and fashion photo artistry service.  We create fashion inspired images that are beautiful, dramatic, emotive works of art.  

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.VtpColorHorzLogoVon Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.


Love life enough to be adventurous, love your country enough to travel, grow and become a better person. Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.
One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.


Prague Fashion Shoot Part 1 | Austin Photographer Shoots on Location

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  Five Fabulous Days in Prague Part 1...Fashion Photo Shoot on Location.

  Our most recent location shoot took Von Trapp Photography to the fabulous European city of Prague in the Czech Republic.  Prague is an absolutely lovely city with stunning architecture and has a vibrantly young feeling.  

  This trip started, as every location shoot does, with considerable pre-production planning and coordination.  We found 5 perfect models and a wonderful hair and makeup artist (HMUA), each talented and as we found out, fabulous to work with.  

  Location scouting started in advance with online resources to include satellite imagery to find possible outdoor spots to shoot, which were later confirmed once we were on the ground in Prague.  We also booked a very popular 4th floor apartment next to the Franciscan Gardens which had an all glass, 180 degree view of the city.

  Shoot Day #1

  The plan for this day, which was to be the second day of shooting, was to start with Diana (a published Playboy model) doing a daytime fashion shoot in the castle district in clothing and lingerie.  I met her at a nearby streetcar stop just 150 meters away from our first selected location (the stairs seen below).  After going over the shoot and our inspiration boards with her, Diana changed into this first outfit using a robe she brought for this very reason.  

​The temperature was in the low 70's, nice in the sun but cool (Certainly for us coming from the mid 90's of a Texas May) in the shade.  None the less this Czech beauty was undaunted moving from pose to pose and location to location; effortlessly changing from one outfit to the next, dresses to lingerie.    

Fashion Photo Shoot, Prague, Houston-Austin Texas Fashion Photographer on location.Top of the Stairs by Von Trapp Photography 2016Fashion Shoot in Prague. We photographed the fabulous Diana Jelinkova (Playboy model) in the Prague Castle District, starting here at the top of these cobbled stairs with the Ministerstvo zahraničnich věci, a government building, in the background.  

Texas Fashion-Glamour Photographer photographs Playboy model Diana Cavojcova in Prague.On The Steps by Dr. Currier von Trapp 2016CPT Richard von Trapp photographs Playboy model Diana Cavojcova on the streets of Prague.

Sexy Prague Fashion Shoot, San Antonio-Houston Fashion Glamour, Boudoir Photographer.View Over The Wall v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Diana strikes a sexy pose atop of a low wall with a view of Prague's Old Town in the background. Note the stylized color changes I made to the tree leaves. Spring and fall on the same shoot day.

  ​In the above pose, Diana makes it seem effortless as she perches upon a rough brick wall in a minidress and 4 inch Mary Jane pumps.  Regardless if you are a seasoned pro, or the first time amateur to modeling, believe me it is a true workout!  In Italian, Sprezzatura refers to the "art that conceals".  It refers to the effort made to make something appear--effortless!  She certainly did just that for every pose.   

   Austin-Houston Fashion Photography.Diana at the Wall by Von Trapp Photography 2016The beautiful Diana poses at the entrance to a child's playground (sign in Czech "Playground") Texas Fashion photographer shoots in Prague. Texas Fashion Photography.Diana Standing in the Doorway by Von Trapp Photography 2016Prague Fashion Shoot. This lovely location in the doorway of a stone and masonry wall was found in the Castle District of Prague. The sunlight was used to rim light Diana whilst the main light was provided by a Profoto D1 Strobe with battery pack. Diana's great edgy hair inspired me to style this image to have an overall sharpness to which I gave this color styling during post processing.

  We moved from the above location to the cobbled back streets in a neighboring area to shoot some glamorously sexy lingerie photos.

Lingerie glamour photoshoot on the streets of Prague, San Antonio Texas Glamour, Fashion, Boudoir Photography.Diana Cobbeled Street by Von Trapp Photography 2016Diana disrupts traffic with a sexy glamour pose.

  Although we did not make a "big footprint" durning this shoot, we did have some obvious equipment on site in the form of Profoto D1 studio strobes and a 24lb. battery with the power cables.  For this shoot I chose not to use any light modifiers on the strobes, like a beauty dish, but instead just went "bare bulb" for overall ease durning the shoot.

Austin-Houston Fashion Photography.  Lingerie photo shoot on the streets of Prague, Texas Glamour Photography.Diana Red Facade by Von Trapp Photography 2016Diana strikes a lovely pose on a Prague street. I just love shooting in Europe! The gorgeous curves of the architecture paired with that of the lines of a woman's perfect.   San Antonio Fashion Photographer a model wearing a thong bodysuit on the street of Prague. Texas Fashion, Glamour, Boudoir PhotographerLeggy Doorway by Von Trapp Photography 2016The lovely and leggy Diana graces a doorway along a Prague street.
San Antonio-Houston Fashion Photography. Sexy lingerie glamour photo shoot on the streets of Prague. Elegant and emotive glamour photography.Diana by Von Trapp Photography 2016Playboy model Diana smolders in her ivory lingerie on a Prague street.

  During our two hours together we created striking images at 6 locations amoung the stone facades and cobbled streets.  Working with Diana Jelinkova , aka. Diane DeeDee, was such a perfect start to our day's shooting in Prague.  

    ​Come back for Part 2 to meet our incredible makeup artist and our next two lovely models during our Five Fabulous Days in Prague, Part 2. 

Take a moment to view this well done video of this lovely city on Youtube.

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Evocative & Glamorous Fine Art | Connecting you to your Beauty

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  How You Can Become a Work of Art.

​  Glamour is best described as anything that possesses beauty, grace, mystery and has transcendence.  I use this very elegant definition to inspire and guide me in the creation of my photographic art. It can certainly also be applied to a variety of subjects and is not just limited to the imagery of women.  However, I am primarily a woman's photo artist, so that is the vast majority of what I create.
Austin/Houdton/San Antonio glamour photography elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photo.Lady in a Stream by Von Trapp Photography 2014 | Texas Glamour-BoudoirFine Art Glamour image using studio strobes to create the unique lighting of this scene. Its transcndent nature is atributited to the quality of light, and by the highlights and shadows; their creation made at the time of the capture, and in post-process.

  Lady In A Stream  Fine art project to create a unique look to a well known location below the Canyon Lake Dam on the Guadalupe River.  

  The transcendent quality of the above capture is attributed to the light seen in the photo.  The mid-afternoon light is being augmented by 3 powerful studio strobes, which were carefully placed to create a precise look.  Then in post-production meticulous steps were taken to "paint" in each and every shadow and highlight seen in the final image.

  Professional photo artists shoot in a format called RAW.  A pro grade camera with high quality "glass" (the lens) will record everything in the image that can be "captured" but the capture will need to be "developed".  This image will not even be able to be viewed without custom software to process the data that was recorded, and then make it viewable to the photographer on the camera's LCD screen on the back.  But this is only a low resolution image for viewing at that moment.  If the camera is not set or able to record anything other than JPEG, the captured image will be from the start of a lower quality compared to one in the RAW format.  This form of capture (RAW) insures the very highest quality of data recording at the time of exposure.

  Now that the image has been artfully planned and crafted on set, and captured to the camera's memory, it is time to continue the magic of the photo artist "developing" the image.  The RAW image will now be viewed on a high grade large screen monitor that is frequently color calibrated with special soft and hardware to insure stunning results in the final print.  Again, special software is used to be able to see the photo for further artistic work.

    In contrast - a snapshot that is taken in the normal JPEG format can be a good looking image.  But it can never match the brilliance, sharpness and quality of an artfully processed and styled creation made from a RAW capture.  

  The RAW image at this point looks drab and somewhat boring.  It is not ready for printing or viewing as a finished photo; it must be creatively developed into its potential beauty.

Intensity (Out of Camera) by Von Trapp PhotographyIntensity (RAW "Out of Camera" image) by Von Trapp Photography

This is a RAW image file.  Note the dull look to the image, this is normal for a RAW file.  It is unedited, not retouched, and not corrected in any way.  Nor has its look, coloring, or mood been styled in any way.  It is, by most standards, a very good image as it is,  professionally well crafted and lit to make the beginning of an outstanding image.  The original size of this file is a whopping 52.3 MB, which was made possible by the top of the line Canon EOS 5DS. 

  Now aided by a graphic pen tablet, such as a Wacom, the image is skillfully and ever painstakingly made.  The artist will use a pen-like device called a surface pen, to literarily "paint with light" as he manipulates the RAW image's data to show, or not, varying degrees of light, dark, highlights, shadows, contrast, color and so very much more.

Fashion glamour photograph created in Venice Italy. Sexy, Lingerie, Fashion and Glamour Photography.Intensity by Von Trapp Photography 2015Emotive Fashion Glamour Image--Model Nicole smolders in Agent Provocateur lingerie. This intensely beautiful fashion image was glamorously created at the Palazzo Ca Zen in northern Venice. This is but one in a series of fashion images created by Von Trapp Photography durning our fashion shoot in this stunning location.

Final, fully-edited and styled image from our fashion shoot at the Palazzo Ca Zen in Venice Italy.  Canon EOS 5DS with 24-70 f2.8L lens.  The size of this file when it was converted from RAW to a Photoshop File for editing was 845.8MB!  That's a lot of data to work with to create beauty and glamour.

  The great value to having invested in, as of June 2015, the world's largest megapixel SLR camera, is the ability to capture incredibly tack-sharp images that can than be enlarged to here-before unheard of sizes for a full frame 35mm SLR.  Even if I am not making billboard size images, having so much data on a file capture allows me to enlarge and crop an image without loss of image quality.

Fashion, Glamour PhotoIntensity III by Von Trapp PhotographyEmotive Fashion Glamour. ​This intensely beautiful fashion image was glamorously created at the Palazzo Ca Zen in northern Venice. This is but one in a series of fashion images created by Von Trapp Photography durning our fashion shoot in this stunning location.   Lady In A Stream (RAW "Out of Camera" image)Here you see my RAW capture of what went on to be a stunning art piece.

The RAW capture of the above image.  Note the orange power cord entering the water at left, and exiting on the right where it goes to a Profoto D1, 1000w strobe mounted on a light stand with a beauty dish (upper left corner of photo).  The light stand has been weighted down with sandbags, and the power cord had been prepared/protected for its immersion into the river.  Again note the dull look to the unedited image.  Canon EOS 5D MkII with 24-70 f2.8L lens.

  To create just one image that I will provide to a client or use in my portfolio, I will spend more than three hours crafting it.  This is after the three or more hours that it took to download, catalog, cull, rate, select, and do initial editing that includes cropping, basic exposure and other early steps; just to get to the point of selecting the very best captures for the final artistic rendition.

  The price of your investment constitutes this time and effort plus the education, training, experience, equipment, and talent of the artist when you commission a project or purchase a photograph.  What you are really investing in is a work of art, crafted with precision and passion.     

  By choosing Von Trapp Photography, you will be teaming up with a photographer who seeks to find the glamour in the people, places, and objects that surround us.  Investing in a quality piece of fine art that has you as the subject will give you immeasurable joy and satisfaction.  Call us today and start your journey.   

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Glamour Shoot in Munich Part #1 | Austin Houston Glamour Photography

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  Fashion and Glamour Shoot in Germany Part #1...Texas Fashion Photographer on location.  

  On a recent trip to Germany I created some fashion and lingerie glamour images at the Schleissheim Palace in Northwest Munchen in the state of Bayern (Bavaria).  The grounds are the site for three palaces, the Old and New Schleissheim Palace and the Lustheim Palace.  Like most former royal residences in Germany, the grounds are open and free to the public to enjoy.  Always serene locations and perfect for a stroll, quiet read, or jog, they are also favorite locations for photographs and photographers.  On this day a bride and groom were having their formal pictures taken on the steps of the Schloss (palace) at the other end of the gardens.

  We shot these images at the Northeast side of the expansive garden near the Pavillion, which was a grand horse stable in its day.    

Sexy lingerie photo of a woman in a long coat and lingerie, taken in München Germany at the Lustheim Palace gardens.Dark Flash v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.(From the series: Come See What Is Under My Coat)

Lingerie Glamour image taken in München Germany at the Schloss Lustheim garden.

Model/HMU: Monique

Sexy fashion photo of a chesty woman in bra, garter belt, stockings, heels outdoors in Germany.Framed Glamour v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.(From the series: "Cum See What I'm Wearing Under My Coat")

Fashion Glamour in Munich

(From the series: "Cum See What I'm Wearing Under My Coat")

Posed by a one time doorway leading to the former stables of the Lustheim Palace, our model strikes a fashion pose for this lingerie glamour image.
This image was created on location in Munich Germany on the grounds of the Schleissheim Palace. I lit the model with a pair of two bare speed lights and "painted in" the shadows and highlights to create this edgy fashion image.
The styling was created to give the image a darker look with added mystery.

Model: Monique


Schleissheim PalacePalace Grounds and location for Von Trapp Photography's lingerie shoot.

  I always love to shoot on location in Europe, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  The stately and glamorous architecture has such a draw for me and provides an incredible degree of inspiration, and I go back as often as possible.   

Sexy Lingerie Glamour and Boudoir Photography in Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Texas Fashion Photography.Dark Beauty by Von Trapp Photography 2015 (From the series: "Cum See What I'm Wearing Under My Coat")Dark Palace Beauty and Glamour. Our lingerie model is photographed on the veranda of the Lustheim Palace. In the background we see the New Schiessheim Palace to the West. On this day the brightly colored flower gardens played host to a dramatic sky and our dusky raven haired beauty.

  In the spring of 2016 we will travel to Prague to work with some of the Czech Republic's wonderful models.  Follow us on Facebook as we prepare for and shoot in this fantastic city.  Also be sure to return here to see more from this shoot in Munich in Part 2.

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp Fashion Glamour Boudoir Photography.Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.

Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.


Living a Dream in Venice Part 3 | Fashion and Glamour Photo Shoot

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 Fashion Photo Shoot in Venice...A Dream Location. Part 3

​  Who would not consider a chance to model and shoot in Venice as a extraordinary opportunity?  Add to that having a grand apartment in a Palazzo as your set location and you have a dream come true.  This was my dream for some time, and in September 2015 it came to pass.  The marble, stone and frescos that adorned the rooms with their fine Venetian chandeliers and stately furniture created a elegant setting for a fashion photo shoot.

Austin-Houston Boudoir Glamour Fashion Photographer. Fashion Editorial Photograph taken in Venice Italy. Sexy Boudoir Glamour photography. Amongst the Frescos by Von Trapp PhotographyFashion Editorial Shoot in Venice. ​The setting for this sexy fashion image is in the living room of the nobel palace Ca Zen in Venice, Italy. Its title is aptly named considering the presence of beautiful frescos on each wall of the room.

Amongst the Frescos is the title of this fashion image. Aptly named since every wall of this living room, with its 16 foot tall celling, was adorned with the incredible art.

Fashion, Glamour Photography on location in Venice Italy. San Antonio-Austin-Houston Boudoir Glamour Fashion Photographer.Shooting in Venice | Fashion Glamour Photography​Fashion, Boudoir, Glamour Photographer Richard von Trapp of Von Trapp Photography shooting on location in Venice Italy at the Palazzo Ca Zen with model Nicole.

     Photo artist and model setting up for the shot.

Sexy lingerie glamour photograph by Austin Boudoir Glamour Fashion Photographer Von Trapp Photography.Woman At The Palazzo Window by Von Trapp PhotographySexy Evocative Glamour Editorial Image On Location In Venice. This intently evocative image of Nicole at one of the windows overlooking the Palazzo's courtyard, emotes sensuality and mystery, yet hints at vulnerability. ​Image from the Venice Fashion Editorial Series by Von Trapp Photography.

Woman At The Palazzo Window  Here Nicole is captured in a beautiful light that is created by the open shade of the courtyard.  She is photographed from an adjacent window across the way from another room of the apartment.

Fashion-Glamour Nude Photography. Fashion Nude. Sexy Glamour.Austin-Houston Boudoir Glamour Fashion Photographer.A Best Foot Forward by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Nude...Location Shoot in Venice. Sexy fashion image of Nicole wearing champagne colored strappy heels.

   A Best Foot Forward  This fashion nude is of our model wearing champagne colored strappy heels and was shot in the living-dinning room doorway of the Palazzo.

​  Von Trapp Photography and crew traveled to Europe from Texas with all of our camera and studio lighting  equipment, wardrobe, props and Las Vegas based model uNicoleorn.

  Read more about the planning for this shoot and our first day (Part 1), and see more of the images created at this dream location (Part 2).  And return here for the final blog segment (Part 4) and images from our Venice adventure.

Follow this link to view a lovely video of Venice on You Tube.

Open your mind and heart, travel and become a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.



Glamour In Venice Part 2 | Fashion Photo Shoot on Location

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  San Antonio fashion-glamour photographer on location in Italy. Part 2

  A location shoot can be both exciting and worrisome for a photographer, especially when the location is seven time zones away from home.  Alot of money and people's time are riding on getting the images, and despite all the extensive prior planning and detailed preparation, it can be very hard to shake the worry that you missed something.  

  As I wrote in my previous blog about this shoot, Living and Shooting in Splendor...the amount of time spent on preparation for the shoot was the key and we created excellent work.  Working with a quality group of people will always help make a project more successful and enjoyable.  Here is a look at some of the image captures we were able to create.

Austin glamour photographer travels to Venice to shoot fashion.On the Balcony by Von Trapp Photography 2015On the Balcony in Venice. Fashion image taken on the balcony of the Ca Zen Plazzo in Venice Italy.

  Taken on the bedroom balcony.

  We arrived at this location by water taxi the evening prior, being dropped off at our door on the canal seen here.  Anyone who has visited Venice knows how everything moves around the city by boat or by foot.  Choosing to ride in style right to our door was both a glamorous introduction to the city's lights and so much easier considering all of the equipment and wardrobe we had with us.

Sexy Venice Fashion Shoot, Austin PhotographerUntitled by Von Trapp Photography 2015Venice Fashion Glamour Shoot. The alleyways around the Palazzo Ca Zen in Northern Venice acted as a set-location for Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot with Nicole.

The alleyways became our set locations.

Austin Boudoir, Glamour and Fashion Photographer on location in Venice Italy.Nicole Venice Fashion Shoot by Von Trapp Photography.Shot on a canal bridge in Venice Italy.

Striking a pose on a canal bridge.

Sexy Fashion photo shoot in Venice Italy. Photograph of a beautiful woman on a Venice bridge.In Stride by Von Trapp Photography 2015On a Bridge in Venice. Fashion image created in Venice Italy. Von Trapp Photography traveled from San Antonio to Venice for a fashion shoot with model Nicole.

Nicole in a sexy fashion pose.

Fashion photograph taken in Italy by Austin-San Antonio Boudoir, Glamour, Fashion photographer Von Trapp Photography.Evening sun by Von Trapp Photography 2015The setting sun created a lovely light for this fashion photograph in Venice Italy. Evening approaches as Nicole poses on the bedroom balcony.

  Please have a look at part #1 about the planning and preparation for this shoot and the start of shooting on the first day, and more images in part 3.  Also follow Von Trapp Photography on Facebook as we get ready for a visit to Prague for another shoot in May 2016.

Picking Your Boudoir or Glamour Photographer | Austin Houston San Antonio

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   Selecting your Boudoir or Glamour Photographer...What differences should you consider.  

  Boudoir and Glamour are truly separate genera of photography and although boudoir can be created to have glamour or with a glamorously emotive styling, they are different from each other.  I specialize in shooting both glamour and boudoir, bringing a high degree of fashion-magazine inspiration to the look of each.  

  Most talented boudoir photographers are natural light shooters.  They create lovely and often artful images that have a wonderful connection of the subject to the camera.  The natural light used to create their images produces a soft look to the photos that is flattering and attractive.

  In contrast to the look of most photographers, my images have a crisp fashion-magazine inspired look.  Often they are also created with a cinematic styling that is more dramatic and arty as well.  This look can only be achieved through the use of special lighting equipment such as strobes and continuous lighting, often in consort with lighting modifiers such as a beauty dish, umbrella, soft box, and a host of other specialty items.

Fashion-Glamour Editorial Photography by Von Trapp Photography of San Antonio.Nicole Smolders on Set in Agent Provocateur by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Glamour | Austin-Houston Texas Glamour/Boudoir Photographer. This evocative fashion-glamour image of model Nicole was taken at the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and is from Von Trapp Photography's "Old Hollywood Series" in which we recreated a look and stylized feel of the wonderful photographs takes in that classically romantic era of Hollywood still photography. Dress: Agent Provocateur | Pumps: Christian Louboutin | Gloves: Fratelli Orsini | Credits: Nicole elociN, Model Mayhem # 3522239 (Model), Glam by Samiha M.M. #1302674 (MUA), Jeanette Marie M.M. #675944 (Hair Stylist)

Behind the scenes of a glamour shoot with Von Trapp Photography of Austin, San Antonio, Houston.Seeing the GlamourModel and Make-Up Artist Checking the Shot. Nicole and MUA Samiha scrutinize a series of image captures during a glamour shoot in Las Vegas shot by Von Trapp Photography.

  Behind the scenes of a glamour shoot in Las Vegas.  The look that was being created for the shoot was in the old hollywood style.  Here model Nicole and Make-Up Artist Samiha look at a series of image captures between sets.  

  The question then at this point is "how do I want to see myself?"  But answer this as well - have you considered seeing yourself differently?  Most people initially have a difficulty seeing themselves beyond the usual; a different person from that which has been looking back at them from the mirror daily.  This quite understandable way of thinking will hold many people back from realizing the possibility of being photographed in a whole new way which is glamorous and transcends their normal.  

  When you look at fashion magazines, and I know you do...possibly lots of them, you see images that are beautiful and glamorous unlike anything around you or that which is part of your normal daily life.  What you are likely to see are perfect examples of my favorite definition of glamour, anything that has beauty, grace, mystery and is transcendent.  

  To exceed the limits of our ordinary experience is to be transcendent.  Having yourself photographed gives you the perfict oppertunity to become part of a work of art, and to be transcendent as well.  But first you must realize the difference between a beautiful portrait and what it means to be a transcendent work of art.  

  Go to Pinterest and search "Glamour Photography"  and you will see a verity or examples of fine photography.  Some created with soft, flattering, romantic available light, others with edgy available light.  While others which were crafter with studio strobe, speed lights or continuous lighting.  All are very good examples of fine glamour photography, but they each have their own feeling and message.    

  Next search "Nautral light portrait" and you will see lovely examples of flatering light.  But as you continue to look over the images, note how the quality of light is not different or unusual to what we might see at any given time during our day.  They are, infact, what we have come to expect from the natural light of our world, and as such are fimular and comfortable to us.    

  Now lets search "Glamour Photography femme fatale".  Here you will see a distinct difference to the feeling of the photographs created by the lighting, the highly quafted hair and impecable make-up not withstanding.  This is the style of glamor-legends, images that are distinctly glamorous.  These images have a "magazine" quality about them and are more likley to possess the transcendentance that I speak of.  

  Finally have a look at one of my favorite artists, Annie Leibovitz who is a master of lighting and with her cinematic style has created countless masterpieces of photographic art for Vouge, Disney, Vantiy Fair and more.  She along with other talented and highly skilled artists are known for creating transcendent images that capture our attention and full our imagination.

San Antonio Texas Boudoir Photography Sexy Glamorous Evocative, Houston Boudoir PhotographerGlamorous Beauty | Austin Texas Boudoir PhotographyBeautiful and Glamorous Boudoir. This image is supremely evocative of the Old Hollywood Style Glamour. Signe was photographed in the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Emotive Boudoir photography like this is our specialty at Von Trapp Glamour and Boudoir Photography. Bra from the Dita von Teese collection. Contact us today and realize your dream of glamour with a boudoir session with Von Trapp Photography. Model: Witch Baby Pinup Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: By Model.

  Boudoir photograph created with the use of studio strobes and a beauty dish.  The inspiration for this image was the dramatic styling used in the "Old Hollywood" style of glamour images.

  When you search for your glamour or boudoir photographer, consider having yourself photographed in the similar manner that creates some of the most iconicity glamorous images.  Select an artist that has the creative skill and ability to make a work of art with you as the subject.  Select not just an excellent photographer, but a photo-artist.

  We at Von Trapp Photography will connect you to your glamour and create a work of art for you that will thrill for you for a lifetime.  Follow me on Facebook.

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp PhotographyVon Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.

Becoming a Calendar Girl | Glamour Photo Shoot for Hubby

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  Ms. G's Glamour Calendar Shoot...​Creating a glamour calendar for her husband 

  When Ms.G was considering what she wanted to give her loving husband for their anniversary, she decided to make it a sexy glamour calendar of thirteen fabulous images for him to look at every day.  Her profession keeps her on the road several days a month and this would be a way to be with him in his office everyday.

  She stated that she knew what she wanted the look and feel to be like and set off on an extensive search for the right artist to make it a reality for her and her husband.  With the help of a very good friend, they came upon Von Trapp Photography and contacted us and we met to discuss her project.

  I was taken by her concept and by her personality.  We listened to each other's thoughts for almost two hours. I wanted to hear as much detail as possible and to give her ideas about what we could bring to the party in the way of design, concept, technique and artistry.  Ms. G. had a chance to see additional examples of our work and to get all of her questions asked and concerns and fears addressed.  

  At the start of this project in August her anniversary was not for another seven months; however, we would need to get started quickly in order to fully design the shoot, plan the logistics, and capture the images.  All would need to occur before the end of September to take advantage of the weather, since some of her desired images included a beach shoot, an outdoor cowgirl theme and a boudoir shoot.  We used Pinterest to facilitate the gathering of inspiration and thoroughly collaborated with her to insure our creative vision satisfied hers for this 18x24 inch, 13-page work of art.

Glamour portrait of a woman in a bathing suit for a sexy glamour calendar.Ms.G by Von Trapp PhotographyGlamour Calendar Shoot. One of thirteen commissioned images created for Ms G. who contacted Von Trapp Photography to create a glamour calendar for her.

One of 13 image created for her glamour calendar that will be a present to her beloved husband.   This one has been selected as one of the images to be used for one of the summer months.

  Ms. G's project necessitated that she contract us for our commissioned shoot since it was really several different shoots which were needed to create enough variety of images for a calendar.  Also, at this price point she benefited by her ability to have a great deal of planning and post-processing included in the price.  As of this writing, we have completed all stages of preparation, shooting and post-processing, and have sent the images to print.

  Ms. G has expressed her great joy over the results, and has shared the delighted comments of close girlfriends about her experience, and the artistic results of her experience with us at Von Trapp Photography.

  Thank you to Ms. G for trusting us at Von Trapp Photography to create her dream calendar and to bring it to fruition, and for allowing us to post this image from her shoot.  We really enjoyed working with her and connecting her to her glamour.  Contact us today and let us connect you to yours. 

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Living Like a Resident of Venice | Glamour Shoot in Italy

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  Living and Shooting in Splendor...My days as a resident of Venice. But first must come the work. Part 1 

  We just returned from Europe where Von Trapp Photography spent 4 incredible days and nights shooting and living in the Ca Zeno Palazzo, of Venice Italy.  I have visited Venice many times in the 80's and 90's, but even on extended visits I never got the chance to feel like I lived there.  A hotel room, even the nicest ones, can only offer to one the experience of Venice as a visitor.

  Ca Zeno belongs to the direct descendant of the noble family Gradenigo which produced several leaders of Venice, the Doge, starting with Pietro Gradenigo in the late 13th century.  His namesake is the current owner today.  The residence is a grand apartment in the building of the once palace, located in the Cannaregio Quarter of Northern Venice.

  The crew and I arrived at the Palazzo via water taxi in the early evening.  The ride to the residence afforded everyone the chance to view the glamour of the Grand Cannal after sunset, with all its stately facades beautifully illuminated .  Upon entering the residence the grandeur of our surroundings struck me deeply, and despite my fatigue after nearly 20 hours of travel I roamed the residence slack-jawed gazing upon the frescos, marble and stone of the various rooms. I then mustered a final surge of energy to unpack the 3 bags of photo equipment, wardrobe, and props that we brought, and after giving a final briefing to everyone about tomorrow's shoot, I wandered off to my palatial bedroom to pass out.

Fashion shoot location in the Palazzo Ca Zen, Venice Italy.Palazzo Ca Zen Venice ItalyGlamour and Elegance in Venice Italy. Dining room of Ca Zen in Venice. Location of Von Trapp Photography's 2015 Fashion Glamour shoot.

Corner of the dining room in the noble Venetian palazzo Ca Zen. 

  The next morning started early near sunrise.  I awoke, like in all cities, to the sounds of the streets comming alive with the activity of another day.  In this case, of course, the streets were canals, and the sounds were that of boats moving along the waterway below our balconied windows instead of automobiles.  As my eyes came into focus I gazed upon the frescoed ceiling some 16 feet above my bed.  A hint of the cool blue light of morning peeked in around the shutters of the tall windows and french doors of my room.  I heard the sound of a woman's heels upon the stone of the walkway just outside.  A man's voice, speaking Italian, echoed through the narrow passage ways of the canals.  Then, I detected it!  The marvelous aroma of Italian coffee floating upon the gentle breeze being blown from the open window of the kitchen and down the hallway into my room.  Production Assistant Pat, always an early riser, was tasked to put together breakfast for what will be a early and long day of shooting.  "What a wonderful life" I thought.    

Editorial Location Shoot in Venice Italy by Von Trapp Photography.Italian Morning in Venice by Von Trapp Photography 2015Glamour and Elegance in Venice Italy. Morning coffee in the kitchen of the Ca Zen Palazzo in Venice. Italian coffee is best served in Italy. Location Shoot for Von Trapp Photography's 2015 Fashion Glamour shoot.

The ubiquitous Italian coffee pot.  I love mine which has journeyed with me in my rucksack during my Green Beret years when the mission allowed, despite adding to the already 100 pounds of "lightweight gear" of essential kit.

Fashion shoot in Venice Italy Von Trapp Fashion Glamour Photography.Always Time for a Coffee by Von Trapp Photography 2015Glamour and Elegance in Venice Italy. Kitchen of the palazzo Ca Zen. Location of Von Trapp Photography's 2015 Fashion Glamour shoot.

  It was a quick colazione (breakfast) and coffee for model Nicole and I prior to setting off for the first two shot setups of the morning.  During our time in Venice we had planned to create several different images of fashion, art nude, lingerie glamour and fashion editorial.  Sadly for her, she only indulged in a very light amount of food since her first two setups were to be fashion nudes. 

  We started off shooting at the entranceway and staircase to the apartments.  The available light was stunning in many of the shooting locations and this entranceway was no exception.

Glamour & Fashion Shoot in ItalyGlamour & Fashion Shoot in ItalyGlamour Location Shoot in Italy. ​Enterance to one of the 10 apartments of this once Nobel Palace go the Doge family Gradenigo.   All the while back at the apartment, wardrobe and props were being organized by the crew for the rest of that day's shooting.  Photos here at the entrance completed, we returned to the kitchen for a real breakfast using that time to also do hair and makeup.

  The rest of this day, lasting up to sunset was filled with wardrobe, jewelry, hair, and makeup changes, changes of set location throughout the palazzo and outside in the local area.  All under the unrelenting pressure of the clock.  

  Planning The Shoot...Put on another pot of coffee! "Maybe I will have tea this time".

 We came to Italy with an ambitious plan which was laid out in painstaking detail back home in Texas over the preceeding months. Concept and mood boards were created, just like we do for all of our client shoots, except this project was larger in its scope and to be completed seven time zones away.

  Like any large project that is professionally conducted planning was the key.  I thought I was back on an Special Forces "A team" planning an infiltration into some part of the world.  In fact we were sort of doing just that.        

Photo of photographer planning for a fashion-glamour shoot in Venice Italy.Planning The Venice ShootWhat Goes Into Planning a Photo Shoot. Fashion/Glamour Photographer Richard von Trapp planning for a Venice Italy glamour/fashion photo shoot.

    Photo Artist Richard pulling together details of the shoot, creating a "story board"-shot list to mach up with the written description of each planned image.  The next photo is the result of the left sketch (#1A) above.  

  Getting four people to one location in Europe coming from three widely separate locations in the states was the easy part.  Despite several airline schedule changes over the months prior, and potential hurricane development from socking in departures from Houston or Ft Lauderdale, that part proved not to be a problem. 

  What was given great consideration was first the overall concept, theme, feel, mood and look of the desired images to be created.  Whatever was decided upon would have to fit the look of our model, the location and time of year, what wardrobe and props could be resourced, the time available and so much more.  Even such things as meteorological and astrological variables were researched and considered, both historical and currently forecasted.  Sunrise and sunset along with the forecasted positions and angle of the sun at a given time of the day were factored into where we would shoot and when.  I used satellite imagery to help me see where the sun would be in the sky, and to help me decide what the light would likely be in a given room or location at a given time of the day.

  We had images of most of the rooms of the Palazzo which were of great help in planning each shot.  But having never seen it in person many questions and potential problems still loomed.  But the largest and most nagging spector to materialize and follow me all the way through this process, right up to the completion of shooting, was that of time!  Would I have enough time to complete all of my desired and meticulously planned shots?           

  As I found inspiration I selected locations for each shot or designed the shot to fit each site.  Wardrobe and accessories were sourced and selected, hair and make up were considered.  Countless revisions and culling of ideas were conducted as different issues came to light.  Finally enough planning was conducted that it was possible to detail each shot, and we created both a written description list and either a sketch or photo inspiration of each image to be created.  I had already ruthlessly culled some 15 images from the total in the eleventh hour so that I could proceed to this final step of sketching, which can be seen in the photo above.  But I was hard pressed to do so, I loved these 15 ideas!  Once I did, however, the proverbial weight was lessened from my mind.  My spector still remained, however, now quietly whispering instead of yelling, "time, you will not have enough time".  

   Lingerie fashion editorial photo shoot in venice Italy by Texas Glamour, Boudoir and Fashion Photographer Richard von Trapp of Von Trapp Photography.Mirrored Glamour by Von Trapp Photography 2015Mirrored Glamour, Beauty Reflected. This capture was made in a grand bedroom of a nobel residence in Venice Italy. The period furniture, 20 foot frescoed celling and French doored balcony, overlooking a canal, created an inspirational location for this evocative lingerie glamour photograph.

     As it turned out we did indeed have enough time.  The planning and estimating of what it might take for each set-up, shot, location/wardrobe change and resetting of the lighting was satisfyingly close to what it finally turned out to be on set.  The dedicated work of my photography assistant and production assistant, along with the endurance of our model to push through a challenging schedule made it all happen.  But it started with a dream, a vision and a solid plan.

  With day one finished, each of us went on, after a short rest, to go shopping for food at a local market and bring our delicacies back to the apartment for that night and the next day.  We decided to "visit" the main tourist side of the city, wandering through the alleyways to St Mark's Square some 20 minutes away.  I casually lead the group...making a turn here...stopping at an interesting location there, seeming as if I knew where I was at all times.  In fact it was 1999 when I last visited from my military posting in Germany.  But it all came back to me despite some moments of frantically trying to recall my previous adventures here, but most in the group were none the wiser.        

​  My sincere appreciation to everyone involved in this project.  I hope that you the reader will return to view the results of this undertaking in the weeks to come as I work through the next step in the creative process, that of post processing and artistic styling of the images.



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Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Texas Glamour, Boudoir, Fashion Photography.Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.



Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.


Crafting the Light | Austin & Houston Glamour-Boudoir-Photo

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  Making a Difference with Strobes…How strobes and light modifiers can aid in creating extraordinary glamour and boudoir photographs. 

   Whether I am shooting in a studio, on location in central Texas, or elsewhere in the world, I will always strongly consider using some form of strobe and lighting modifiers.  Natural and ambient light are great, often providing a regionally unique look that is found only in that part of the world.  (This is a perfect excuse for any photographer or painter to travel.)  Anyone who has traveled widely can attest to how different the light is at one given location over another.  The warm golden colors of Rome, the intense spring colors of Europe, or vibrant colors of the Caribbean are but a few examples. 

  The overriding problem with available light, however, is that there is always an uncertainty of what you will have at the time the photograph is taken.  Even then, it will be changing from moment to moment.  Photographers know well the concept of chasing the light, or may be heard muttering that they are losing the light.  

  This brings me to artificial light - any source other than the sun, moon and stars.  It can be available light such as street lighting, candlelight, city lights, etc.  But in its most controllable form, the kind used by movie makers and skilled photographers, it can be counted upon to make the exact kind of light the artist is envisioning.  There are two main forms of artificial light used in cinema and photography.  They are classified as continuous lighting and strobes (commonly called flash).  Two examples of strobes are studio strobe and speed light.

  I presently use strobes and speed lights with a variety of devices to change and shape the light.  This shaping of the light is accomplished with light modifiers.  Light modifiers are any device that is used around, in front of, or on the light source to provide control such as softening, directing, or intensifying the light.  When used in consort with accessories that include light stands, colored gels, battery packs and more, they afford the artist immense creative ability to construct and shape the very look of the light.   

Texas fashion/glamourphotographer creates elegant, couture, evocative, and sexy photos. Woman in Orange by Von Trapp Fashion Photography 2014Fashion, lighting, and styling were carefully considered and crafted in the creation of this glamour photograph. This mysterious image was created in San Antonio just as a rain started to fall.

  This image was created using two 1000 watt Profoto D1 Air studio strobes.  The first  is fitted with a beauty dish attached to a boom above the model and to camera left.  The second strobe is placed 25 feet away and aimed up along this narrow walkway to illuminate the model's lower body, and highlight her pumps to really pop their great color.  The camera is 40 feet away and fitted with a Canon 200mm f2 L IS lens on a 5D MkII body with a radio trigger.  My lens choice, along with the strobes, allowed me to drop the background out of focus and into darkness, thus keeping the viewer's attention on the subject.

  Using high powered strobes allow the photo-artist to overpower the ambient light such as in the image above.  The strobe appears to be the only light source when in fact the photo was taken at 9am, albeit on a cloudy day.  It could, however, easily be done on a brighter day by increasing the strobe's power of output and adjusting the exposure settings.  The Profoto Air units can also be individually turned on and off, their power increased or decreased or a modeling light activated all from behind the camera with a radio trigger.  This creative power, however, comes at a price.  Top of the line units with an external power source and accessories will amount to the equivalent of 5 to 6 months of house payments in many parts of the country.  

  At a considerably lower price point are speed lights, which will give similar control but with much less power when compared to the studio strobes listed above.  Being more portable they will be the better choice for some projects and I keep three for such jobs.  It is possible to buy the necessary gear in order to pair two or more speed lights for use in one light modifier, such as a soft box or umbrella, to gain more light output for those sunny locations.  You will get more light output by using multiple units in this way, the smaller components will be easier to transport, and there is no need for a large battery pack or AC power as with studio strobes.  But three mid-grade speed lights for one soft box with triggers for each will start to approach the cost of one of my studio heads listed above.  Thus speed lights do offer great results when used in most situations not needing to overpower the ambient light.  

  For the next image I used two speed lights with radio triggers.  I used one speed light and trigger in a 24x24in folding soft box with the front defusing panel removed to create a crisper (harsher) light for a more edgier mood.  A second unit fitted only with a colored gel and trigger is placed some 80 feet away at the end of the corridor facing the camera's position.  I used a tripod to give me the control needed to make slight adjustments in the camera's position to get the light just above the model's shoulder.  A star filter was not used.          

San Antonio fashion photographer creates an emotive and edgy glamour image at the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio.Attitude | Austin, Houston Glamour-Boudoir-Fashion PhotographyWe created an edgy fashion look with this photo, playing off the industrial look of the background. Fashion-inspired glamour photo created by San Antonio and Austin fashion and glamour portrait photographer Richard von Trapp.


   Artistic lighting, like the edgy lighting seen above or the dramatic shot at the beginning, will require two and three strobe/speed light locations, sometime more to develop the look.  In order to creatively place your light sources in a number of possible locations away from the camera's position you will also need a triggering system.  There are two kinds of cordless triggers, Infra red (IR) and radio.  The IR system has the inherent disadvantage of not working well in bright sunlight, and are line of sight only.  Presuming your creative juices will on occasion have you shooting in daylight (overpowering the sun) you will not be able to always count on the IR triggering included on many upper tiered speed light units.  So you will need a radio trigger for each strobe/speed light head and for the camera.  Radio systems have the added value of allowing you to place units around corners, most up to 200 to 300 feet away.

  So if you are a natural/available light photographer possibly looking for a new creative twist for your work, give controllable-artificial light a try.  If your budget is such as to limit your lust, consider an inexpensive speed light with a guide number as close to or over 100 as possible.  Several simple radio triggers are ever more affordable now.  Depending on brand, an entry level investment of $230 to $450 will get you a speed light and triggering system consisting of a transmitter and receiver.  Additional speed lights and receivers generally run another $160 to $350.  Start with two speed lights and then add light modifiers as your budget allows.

  Flash unites at these price points do not, however, have the through the lens (TTL) capability of pricer units.  The TTL function allows the flash and camera's metering system to communicate to create a "correct" exposure at the moment of taking the picture.  This feature is great when working with quickly changing scenes and subjects such as sporting events, some street photography, news events etc.  But when creating an image with an artfully planned concept, you are best served to set the flash power manually and calculate the settings using a hand held light meter.  One that works with flash is referred to as a flash meter.    

  This ladies and gentlemen will be the best bit of photographic kit that will take you to a new creative level, both when shooting with strobe and any other light source.  A hand held light meter is so worth the $180 to $600 price tag to get such incredible ability to "get it right".  I am presently using a Sekonic L-478D flash meter and I just love it.  

  If, however, you wish to "do it old school" you can use a chart that gives you the f-stop for a given ISO for a given strobe's power (Guide Number) at a designated distance of flash to subject.  It is quite simple and accurate.  You can learn more about this method online at  Look up the segment under: Catalog, Category: Photo & Video, Topic: Lighting, and find the lesson titled "Crazy Stupid Light" with Scott Robert Lim.  The cost of the course at $129 will be well worth it and can change your world.   Or, you can put this money towards a flash meter - both options will yield great possibilities.  All you need do is try/use them. 

   If you are a creative I hope you will value my essay in some small way.  If, however, you are not a photographer, please read on. 

  If you are someone looking for a photographer, consider the look you want for your final image.  You will be investing some $300 to $900 for most average good quality work.  Now further consider the opportunity to have something out of the norm.  Your investment just became more sound when your images are a work of art.  Conduct an online image search for glamour, beauty, and boudoir photography.  Look at the quantity and similarity of available light photos.  With the considerable cost in terms of lighting equipment, training, and experience it is no wonder that so many professionals are shooting with available light.  However, although gorgeous, you may wish to have images more unique; ones that cannot be created by just any photographer.  If you want an image that is styled more like what is seen in fashion magazines, or perhaps cinematic like as seen in movies, you are going to need to find an artist who is doing that kind of work.  I urge you to consider stepping away from the pack and seek something special for yourself.  Now that you have some idea of what is possible, look past what is normal.

  The saying amongst professional photographers is that everyone today is a photographer.  With the advent of the camera phone that may seem to be true.  However, I submit that a high megapixel phone camera, with its tiny sensor which is incapable of producing high quality images in the first place, does not an artist make.  Only a creative mind, trained and experience with an artful eye, and yes, often a considerable amount of expensive gear, makes a photo-artist.    

  Don't settle for the "selfies", ladies.  Invest in a quality professional photographer, be they a natural/available light shooter or otherwise.  You deserve to see and feel your glamour in pictures.                               

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp Glamour, Fashion, Boudoir Photography. #Austin #San_Antonio #Houston #DallasVon Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.                                                                                             Connecting you to your glamour.                        

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