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Austin-San Antonio-Houston-Dallas, Texas Boudoir Photography

We specialize in boudoir photography that is glamorous, sexy and fashion inspired.

By definition the boudoir is a woman's parlor, sitting room or bedroom. We classify our boudoir images into Classic, Classy, Bridal, Sexy and Romantic. Each has elements of styling, mood, expression, pose, location and attitude that can be identified and assigned to each.

In the Classic style, the woman would be posed in one of these settings, perhaps at her dressing table or getting ready and in some form of dress or undress. These images often have the subject not looking at the camera. Instead she will be looking away putting on make-up, stockings/getting dressed etc, and tend to be more aloof.

Classy boudoir can be in a setting as above in the classic style, but has less to no reference to getting ready. The subject will often be aware of, or looking at the camera. Her expression can depict most any emotion from sweet to sassy. However not an overtly sexy expression, which is placed into its own category (see below).

Bridal boudoir as the name suggests, will include use of the veil, white lingerie, shoes and perhaps the wedding dress. Otherwise bridal boudoir can take on the elements of any of the other styles (classic, classy, sexy or romantic).

Sexy Boudoir incorporates moderately to overtly sexy overtones to the imagery via posing and expression. But it can also be only sexually suggestive. Use of implied, partial or complete nudity can be utilized to create the sexuality of the image.

Romantic boudoir is somewhat difficult to pin down. It can be a subtle element noted in any of the other styles, but less so in the sexy style.

Edgy boudoir refers to elements of expression, styling, pose, location, and post processing that add an edge to the image.

We classify images of a woman in lingerie who is photographed in any other setting as Lingerie Glamour, Sexy Glamour or Lingerie Fashion. A nude, not in the boudoir setting, is classed as Glamour Nude or Art Nude.

Von Trapp Photography. Creating uniquely beautiful boudoir images with glamour and style that allow you to fall in love with yourself.
Art-glamour nude of a topless woman hanging up her lingerie on a clothesline in Wakes.Sexy lingerie glamour boudoir photo of a woman in lingerie, heels and long coat outdoors at a castle in Germany.Fashion-Glamour photograph of a sexy raven haired woman in garter belt, stockings, bra, and long black coat, outdoors at a castle in Germany.Nighttime lingerie glamour photo of a hot woman flashing outdoors in Cortina, Italy.Sexy lingerie photo of a woman outdoors at night in Cortina, Italy.Lingerie -Glamour photo of a woman on a balcony in Cortina, Italy,, holding a Venetian stick mask.Color lingerie glamour photo of a ravin haired beauty.Edgy fashion-glamour photo of a sexy raven haired woman in lingerie, garter belt, stockings, and opera gloves, photographer in Germany.Fashion-Glamour-Boudoir photo of an alluring woman in vintage inspired lingerie standing at a bar, holding a martini glass.Lingerie-Glamour photo of a woman in a corset and stockings outdoors in Rothenburg, Germany.Sexy lingerie photo taken in München Germany at the Lustheim Palace gardens.Boudoir, Glamour photo shoot in Italy, two sexy women in lingerie.Sexy boudoir photo of a busty beauty wearing a sheer top.Lingerie glamour, boudoir photo of a hot mature busty woman wearing lingerie.Sexy lingerie glamour photo of a hot red head.Emotive and sexy boudoir photo of a young woman, topless and wearing sheer pantyhose, laying on a bed.Photo of a sexy woman in a corset, thigh high boots, pantyhose and bra: giving a nip slip in public. Cortina, Italy at night.Lingerie glamour photo of a hot redhead outdoors in Rothenburg, Germany.Sexy boudoir photo of a woman in lingerie and fishnet tights, flashing.Sexy boudoir photo of a mature woman on a bed.