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Shipshape v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.

(From the Dorothy goes to sea series, homage to the WWII pinup.)

Pinup Glamour Shoot Aboard The U.S.S. Alabama.

With inspiration from countless WWII pin-ups in mind, Von Trapp Photography set out to do homage to a loved genre of photography from that era.

This capture was made aboard the battleship USS Alabama anchored in Mobile Bay. It shows one of the battle stations within a 16 inch main gun turret. Our model, wearing vintage inspired lingerie, has struck one of the iconic styled pin-up poses that went to sea and war with countless sailors.

I used two speed lights to create this image. One high and behind Dorthy to rim light her, the other at camera and high right. With the dim lighting inside the turret I chose to shoot with as small an f/stop as possible to compensate for the possibility that I may be off on my focus.

Model/HMU: Dorothy