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Commissioned Glamour Shoot with Von Trapp Photography.
Sexy and evocatively-themed glamour shoot with Ms. Susan.
Ms. Susan and her husband contacted us with a long held wish to create a sexy glamour photo shoot that was designed around a cowgirl theme. After chatting with them and offering some ideas, they contracted us to bring this dream to fruition.

This being a commissioned work it received extensive per-production planning. We created a mood/inspiration board on Pinterest which was discussed at length with the clients and allowed us to further develop our concept. Next was location scouting and coordination for the desired site and making a prop list.
Now came the resourcing of props and other items needed for the shoot, discussion of wardrobe with the modle, and finalizing a shot list. We coordinated for a hair/makeup artist to be on set, checked and pack our gear.
The shoot was a great success, creating images that completely delighted Susan and her loving hubby.
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