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Sheer & Blue Lace v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2013.

Sexy & Evocative Lingerie Image

We love this sexy stylized lingerie glamour image of our model that draws us into the image and holds our attention. This kind of image is preface for a calendar to be given to "that special someone" or as a highly prized work of art for the wall.
This work of art was created with detailed planning of the location, pose and lighting, and given considerable attrition durning post processing to create every highlight and shadow.
As a photo artist, I "paint with light" using special tools and skills to create this one-off image. The time, skill, and artistic vision that goes into creating an image like this is truly a work of art.
Contact us at Von Trapp Photography today and allow us to make you the center of a work of art and to connect you to your glamour.