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Darkness and Beauty by Von Trapp Photography 2014

Evocative, Dramatic and Sexy
We took advantage of a rainy day forecast to create this glamorous image while on location along the Texas Gulf coast.

Keeping an eye on our tablet's live radar image to help determine breaks in the showers, we timed our setup of equipment. With towels at the ready to cover lighting gear, we intrepidly left the shelter of our vehicles to setup and captured this beach glamour image as the ran started to fall.

Images of this artistic quality require planning, artistic talent, experience and the right equipment. But also hard work, and in the case of this location shoot, the right timing and some luck.

When you choose to create art with you as the subject, be prepared for the challenge that all models face... discomfort. The general rule of thumb is if it feels uncomfortable…it will likely look great. The converse is even more true.
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