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These beautifully crafted glamour photographs were carefully planned and staged during separate shoots at a variety of locations.

Each setup was planned in advance using a mood board which was created to style the shot in detail. The best time of day was considered for the most desired natural lighting which we would then augment with our lighting equipment. Wardrobe and props were established and a shot order list was finalized.

During each shoot the necessary lighting and support gear was setup. In most cases we used two to three studio strobes with light modifiers to create these magazine quality images.

After the shoot, we backed up all of the images onto two separate hard drives for safety. The final stage of our process is the culling of images to identify the most beautiful. These then enter into the post-production phase (formally called developing, printing and retouching in the film days) to render the final artistic version.

Artistic creations of this type are not normally available from most photographers. Contact Von Trapp Photography and allow us to create a work of art with you as the subject.
Glamour shoot on location in Port Aransas Texas.
Glamour shoot on location in Prague, Czech Republic.
Cupped in Orange v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2014.Beach Glamour photo of a sexy woman in a bikini, laying on a wet beach and her reflection seen in the wet sand.Beach glamour photo of a sexy woman in white on a Texas beach.Art nude photograph of a woman on a beach in Kauai being splashed by a wave.Photo of a sexy topless Russian woman on a beach in Cyprus tweaking her nipples.Fashion glamour photo of a woman holding a red umbrella, emotive and glamorous.Beach glamour photo with implied nudity of a sexy woman taking off her bathing suit on a Texas beach.Beautiful glamour photo of a woman taken at a Texas beach with dark storm clouds. Evocative Glamour and Boudoir Photography in Texas.Fine Art photo of a lovely woman laying on a Texas beach.Art Nude photo on a beach in Kauai.Photo of a sexy woman walking on a Texas beach wearing a sheer white shirt and bra.Fashion glamour photograph of a sexy woman in tall heels and a dress on a Texas beach.Beach Fashion Shoot, Von Trapp PhotographyPhoto of a surfer girl on a Texas beach.Photo of a sexy woman wearing a bra, and mini-skirt on a Texas beach.Photo of a sexy woman wearing a g-string, bra, and mini-skirt flashing her derriere on a Texas beach.Art nude photo of a woman in shadow sitting on a rock at the surf's edge in Cyprus.Fine Art photo taken of a woman reclined in the Texas surf.A Girl and Her Best Friend v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2106Beach photo of a fit woman in a white bathing suit, laying on a Texas beach.