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Fashion Editorial Shoot at the Palazzo Ca Zeno in Venice
In September of 2015, Von Trapp Photography and crew traveled to Venice Italy for a fashion glamour photo shoot with model uNicoleorn. During our several days there we created fashion images of Nicole in lingerie, clothing and in the nude. These were designed, photographed, and than created during post processing in a fashion magazine style.

Traveling with all of our lighting and camera equipment, props, and wardrobe, we flew from San Antonio to Houston to meed our Las Vegas based model for the trip to Italy. The plazzo that we used as our set location, along with the back alleyways of Venice proved to be lovely locations to create wonderful fashion images. You can read more about our incredible days there, see the following blogs.
Living Like a Resident of Venice...Living and Shooting in Splendor.

Glamour in Venice...San Antonio fashion/glamour photographer on location.

Living a Dream in Venice.

Fashion and Glamour in Venice.
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