Fashion Shoot in San Antonio, Venice and London England.

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  Fashion, Glamour Photography Shoot in Texas, Prague, London and Venice

  Creating interesting portraiture that has an evocative, glamorous or edgy quality is such a joy for me.  Here are some photographs that I absolutely love. They have been created at several different locations in Texas and Europe. 

  I classify my style of photography as being fashion-inspired and cinematic in its lighting and styling. To create my look, I most often use studio strobes to create the light that I have envisioned for the image.

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photoBlack & Red by Von Trapp Photography 2013Fashion Photography

Portrait created in San Antonio by Richard von Trapp of Von Trapp Photography, Austin, Houston, San Antonio.

Fashion photo of a woman in a bodysuit, cape, and heels on the street of Venice.Bodysuit and Coat by Von Trapp Photography 2015.(From the series: Come See What Is Under My Coat Seres) Venice Fashion Glamour Shoot. The alleyways around the Palazzo Ca Zeno in Northern Venice acted as a set-location for Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot with Nicole.

Lingerie glamour photo of a hot and busty woman in an abandoned building.Foundation of Lust v.1(C) by Von Trapp Photography 2014.(From the series: A Matter of Voluptuous Intelligence)

What is more thrilling than an intelligent woman who is curvy and hot AF. The best lusty beginnings are often created by a dazzling intellect. Jessica creates some titillating images during our fashion-glamour shoot in this abandoned structure along Highway US 90 in west Texas. Here, in her body briefer, stockings, and fuck me pumps; our lusty model strikes a pose that places her curves on display in a most delightful way. Model: Jessica

Fashion Glamour nude photograph of a sexy redhead in stockings and Louboutin peep toe stilettoes.On White Against Black v.1a by Von Trapp Photography 2015.Gianna smolders for our camera in bearly black stockings, and satin Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps adorns our luscious model.

Model/HMU: Gianna


Fashion-glamour photo of a stunning mature woman in lingerie at a bar in San Antonio Texas.L'entrée by Von Trapp Photography 2018.(Title: "The Entrance" in French)

Palmer is a show-stopper as she enters the bar grabing the attention of the women, and making every man hard pressed to remain composed.

Model/HMU: Palmer

Chic fashion image of two women in a Venetian Palazzo.Chic e belle donne by Von Trapp Photography 2017.(Title: Chic and beautyful women) The enchanting Kat and Kim derss for a stylish evening in Venice. Fashion shoot at palazzo Ca Zen.

Model/HMU: Kat Alexis and Classic Kim.

Fashion photo of a busty and stylish woman wearing a tight dress taken in San Antonio.Fashionable by Von Trapp Photography 2103.Hat: White House Black Marker, Purse and belt: Guess by Marciano, Manolo Blahnik nude Mary Jane pumps. Body: by the delectable Simone

Fashion-glamour photo of a Czech beauty in lingerie, posed standing in a window in Prague.Window Beauty by Von Trapp Photography 2016.Fashion-Glamour shoot in Prague at the Franciscan Garden Glass Apartment.
Model: Dominika a.k.a. Coxy. HMUA: Linda Chudomelová.

  Another characteristic of my style is that images most often shot on location. I love the challenge of capturing the color, and feel of somewhere which becomes a major element in the final image.

  We are in a time when the smartphone and AI has "made everyone a photographer". But are they an artist? I continue to consider my feeling about this question. I can say that I do find some, perhaps even many, creations which have used AI to one extent or another, to be art, and artful. Which I can consider as mixed medium. Whether I can consider the creator of said art to be an artist, is very much up in the art for me.


Fashion photo of a sexy woman wearing high slit long dress, heels, and holding a Venetian stick mask.Golden Mysterious v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Mysterious, leggy and glamorous. Our model is ready for her masked ball in Venice.

Model/HMU: uNicoleorn

Retro_inspired photo of a woman wearing a bullet bra. Austin Sexy Edgy Evocative Elegant Boudoir Glamour Photography.Her Point is Clear v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2014.There is no arguing her point, she makes it delightfully clear. Re-creating the look of the iconic sweater girl, Simone dawns a bullet bra and makes a point of how eye-catching this 1940s look was for the viewer.
Model/HMU: Simone


Edgy fine art fashion-glamour photo of a woman holding an umbrella in a back ally of San Antonio Texas.Rainy Alley by Von Trapp Photography 2014.Stylized image of a San Antonio ally on a rainy morning with a woman carrying an umbrella.

Urban Glamour Photography that is emotive and edgy.

Fashion photo of a woman with her dress hiked-up. Sexy, Evocative, even a little Provocative.Sexy in Her Little Black Dress by Von Trapp Photography 2013Sexy Fashion Glamour
​Wearing Christian Louboutin booties and a little black party dress, our model strikes an attention getting fashion pose.

Sexy emotive glamour nude photograph of a young woman taken in an Palazzo in Venice Italy.  Ca Zen, Venice.Nicole Champagne by Von Trapp Photography 2015Sexy Fashion Glamour Shoot

​This gorgeous glamour image of Nicole was one in a series from the Palazzo Ca Zen fashion shoot in Venice Italy. This lovely light coming in through the windows of the dining room, along with a strobe fill, makes for a glamorous glow and stunning image.

Model: uNicoleorn

Fashion photo of a voluptuous woman wearing a tight dress and hat on a scooter.Bellezza titillante v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2013.(Title: Titillating beauty)

Having been inspired by Italian style and Roman life we created this classy fashion look that also showcases our model's fabulous shape.

Model/HMU: Simone

Beautifully sexy image of a woman in lingerie outdoors in Venice.Kat at Punta della Dogana v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2017(From the series: Come See What Is Under My Coat)

Taken at the Punta della Dogana which is an art museum in Venice's old customs building, the Dogana da Mar. It also refers to the triangular area of Venice where the Grand Canal meets the Giudecca Canal,and its collection of buildings: Santa Maria della Salute, Patriarchal Seminary, and Dogana da Mar at the triangle's tip. Across the canal is seen the Campanile di San Marco in St. Mark's Square.

Model: Kat

Please enjoy this video on youtube of the lovely Venice. You can see this shoot location at 51 to 58 seconds.

Sexy lingerie glamour photo shoot in Prague. Elegant and emotive glamour photography.Dominika Reclined by Von Trapp Photography 2016Glamorous Fashion Image
​Dominika, aka Coxy, is a published fashion and glamour model from the Czech Republic who we had the great pleasure to shoot for this elegant lingerie image. HMUA: Linda Chudomelová.

Fashion Glamour photograph of a busty beauty in a lace bra and leather jacket, flashing outdoors in west Texas.Think You Can Keep Up? v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2014.(From the series: A Lusty Road Adventure)

Fast sexy car, faster and oh so much more sexier woman to dream about. Emotive lingerie glamour image captured on location along West Texas US 90. This image was taken after sunset and lit with Profoto strobe fitted with a beauty dish.

Model/HMU: Simone


Fashion-Glamour photo of a sexy woman in lingerie, outdoors in Venice, Italy.Magnificence Lines v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2017.(From the series: "Cum See What I'm Wearing Under My Coat")

The shapely and pleasing lines of these Venetian columns create a magnificent setting for the even more pleasing figure of our model. Taken at Dogana da Mar, on Punta della Dogana, which is an art museum in Venice's old customs building at the triangular area of Venice where the Grand Canal meets the Giudecca Canal.

Model: Kat Alexis

Fashion-glamour photo of a sexy geek girl.'J' Goes Geek v.3 by Von Trapp Photography 2022.Knowing the allure of a hot woman who is strong, intelligent and possesses sensational skills that thrill, our model goes geek.

Model: Jessica

Edgy and sexy glamour photo of a woman in a Agent Provocateur dress in a San Antonio alley.A View Of Palner by Von Trapp Photography 2018.San Antonio's Peacock Alley is the setting for model Palmer, who creates a risqué view for our camera in this Agent Provocateur dress.

Model/HMU: Palmer

Fashion Glamour photo of two sexy hot and busty topless women in an Italian palazzo in Venice.An Afternoon with Kim and Kat v.2a by Von Trapp Photography 2017.Coffee and a good book to while away the time, Venice fashion shoot at the palazzo Ca Zen with Kim and Kat.

Model/HMU: Classic Kin and Kat Alexis

Fashion Glamour photo of a sensual and beautiful woman in a sheer bra, opera gloves and pencil skirt.Sheer & Blue Lace v.2a by Von Trapp Photography 2013.Our model is a beguiling vision in her sheer sapphire blue.

Model: Simone

Sexy fashion nude photo of a woman in bed using a rotary phone.Sexy Whisper v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016.TerryZ is sexy and emotive in this fashion image taken in Prague at the Franciscan Garden Glass Suite Apartment.
It was inspired by Ellin von Unwerth's photo of Jessica Chasten for Vogue. The phone is circa 1972 and obtained from my father-in-law's estate
which was one of the many props that I carried to Prague.

Model: TerryZ (Model Mayhem #3765368)
HMUA: Linda Chudomelová (Model Mayhem #2841941)

Sexy fashion nude of a woman in an emerald bullet bra under a bridge.Making Her Point Known v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2021.Tall, leggy and exotic, our model strikes a pose and gets right to the point.

Pin-up Glamour Boudoir photo of a sexy redhead wearing a vintage inspired bullet bra, garter belt and stockings.With These, I'm All Set v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.A current day take on the iconic underpinning which was the key item afording the creation of the "Sweater Girl" look--the bullet brassiere. Dating from the late 30's to early 60's this striking, if unnatural shape, formed the foundation which created that look. Ironically, its chosen replacement look became that of the braless woman of the 60/70's.

Model/HMU; Amy

Fashion-Glamour Photo of two sexy-glamorous women in Prague.Your Drink Mademoiselle by Von Trapp Photography 2016.Fashion Photo in Prague
​TerryZ is tended to by Coxy in this Prague fashion shoot image.

HMUA: Linda Chudomelová.

Fashion photo of two women wearing lingerie in a frescoed Venetian palazzo.Visione seducente v.1b by Von Trapp Photography 2017(Title: Seductive vision)

The magnificent frescoed living room of Palazzo Ca Zen is the setting for this fashion image of Kat and Kim.

Models/HMU: Classic Kim/Kat Alexis


Open your mind and heart, travel and know the joy of becoming a citizen of the world.

One's life can be comprised of many things...perhaps the most important of which is learning and growing.



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