Von Trapp Photography | Prague Fashion Shoot Part 1 | Austin Photographer Shoots on Location

Prague Fashion Shoot Part 1 | Austin Photographer Shoots on Location

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  Five Fabulous Days in Prague Part 1...Fashion Photo Shoot on Location.

  Our most recent location shoot took Von Trapp Photography to the fabulous European city of Prague in the Czech Republic.  Prague is an absolutely lovely city with stunning architecture and has a vibrantly young feeling.  

  This trip started, as every location shoot does, with considerable pre-production planning and coordination.  We found 5 perfect models and a wonderful hair and makeup artist (HMUA), each talented and as we found out, fabulous to work with.  

  Location scouting started in advance with online resources to include satellite imagery to find possible outdoor spots to shoot, which were later confirmed once we were on the ground in Prague.  We also booked a very popular 4th floor apartment next to the Franciscan Gardens which had an all glass, 180 degree view of the city.

  Shoot Day #1

  The plan for this day, which was to be the second day of shooting, was to start with Diana (a published Playboy model) doing a daytime fashion shoot in the castle district in clothing and lingerie.  I met her at a nearby streetcar stop just 150 meters away from our first selected location (the stairs seen below).  After going over the shoot and our inspiration boards with her, Diana changed into this first outfit using a robe she brought for this very reason.  

​The temperature was in the low 70's, nice in the sun but cool (Certainly for us coming from the mid 90's of a Texas May) in the shade.  None the less this Czech beauty was undaunted moving from pose to pose and location to location; effortlessly changing from one outfit to the next, dresses to lingerie.    

Fashion Photo Shoot, Prague, Houston-Austin Texas Fashion Photographer on location.Top of the Stairs by Von Trapp Photography 2016Fashion Shoot in Prague. We photographed the fabulous Diana Jelinkova (Playboy model) in the Prague Castle District, starting here at the top of these cobbled stairs with the Ministerstvo zahraničnich věci, a government building, in the background.  

Texas Fashion-Glamour Photographer photographs Playboy model Diana Cavojcova in Prague.On The Steps by Dr. Currier von Trapp 2016CPT Richard von Trapp photographs Playboy model Diana Cavojcova on the streets of Prague.

Sexy Prague Fashion Shoot, San Antonio-Houston Fashion Glamour, Boudoir Photographer.View Over The Wall v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2016Diana strikes a sexy pose atop of a low wall with a view of Prague's Old Town in the background. Note the stylized color changes I made to the tree leaves. Spring and fall on the same shoot day.

  ​In the above pose, Diana makes it seem effortless as she perches upon a rough brick wall in a minidress and 4 inch Mary Jane pumps.  Regardless if you are a seasoned pro, or the first time amateur to modeling, believe me it is a true workout!  In Italian, Sprezzatura refers to the "art that conceals".  It refers to the effort made to make something appear--effortless!  She certainly did just that for every pose.   

   Austin-Houston Fashion Photography.Diana at the Wall by Von Trapp Photography 2016The beautiful Diana poses at the entrance to a child's playground (sign in Czech "Playground") Texas Fashion photographer shoots in Prague. Texas Fashion Photography.Diana Standing in the Doorway by Von Trapp Photography 2016Prague Fashion Shoot. This lovely location in the doorway of a stone and masonry wall was found in the Castle District of Prague. The sunlight was used to rim light Diana whilst the main light was provided by a Profoto D1 Strobe with battery pack. Diana's great edgy hair inspired me to style this image to have an overall sharpness to which I gave this color styling during post processing.

  We moved from the above location to the cobbled back streets in a neighboring area to shoot some glamorously sexy lingerie photos.

Lingerie glamour photoshoot on the streets of Prague, San Antonio Texas Glamour, Fashion, Boudoir Photography.Diana Cobbeled Street by Von Trapp Photography 2016Diana disrupts traffic with a sexy glamour pose.

  Although we did not make a "big footprint" durning this shoot, we did have some obvious equipment on site in the form of Profoto D1 studio strobes and a 24lb. battery with the power cables.  For this shoot I chose not to use any light modifiers on the strobes, like a beauty dish, but instead just went "bare bulb" for overall ease durning the shoot.

Austin-Houston Fashion Photography.  Lingerie photo shoot on the streets of Prague, Texas Glamour Photography.Diana Red Facade by Von Trapp Photography 2016Diana strikes a lovely pose on a Prague street. I just love shooting in Europe! The gorgeous curves of the architecture paired with that of the lines of a woman's body...so perfect.   San Antonio Fashion Photographer a model wearing a thong bodysuit on the street of Prague. Texas Fashion, Glamour, Boudoir PhotographerLeggy Doorway by Von Trapp Photography 2016The lovely and leggy Diana graces a doorway along a Prague street.
San Antonio-Houston Fashion Photography. Sexy lingerie glamour photo shoot on the streets of Prague. Elegant and emotive glamour photography.Diana by Von Trapp Photography 2016Playboy model Diana smolders in her ivory lingerie on a Prague street.

  During our two hours together we created striking images at 6 locations amoung the stone facades and cobbled streets.  Working with Diana Jelinkova , aka. Diane DeeDee, was such a perfect start to our day's shooting in Prague.  

    ​Come back for Part 2 to meet our incredible makeup artist and our next two lovely models during our Five Fabulous Days in Prague, Part 2. 

Take a moment to view this well done video of this lovely city on Youtube.

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