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Glamour in Tulle | Texas Glamour-Boudoir-Wedding-Photography

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  Fashion Glamour PortraitCreating glamorous images that are fashion-based. 

  As a glamour and boudoir photographer I have the great joy of capturing or creating evocative glamour images in fabulously unique locations.

  This glamour portrait was created with a fashion-editorial feel.  The model's outfit consisted of a corset, tulle skirt and Christian Louboutin Bibi pumps.  Shooting in great cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas or, as in this shot in San Antonio, it is possible to create fabulous urban influenced glamour, fashion, and high school senior images.  This cool image with its rusted corrugated metal and brightly colored walls was captured on the 5th floor of a downtown parking garage.  

Texas glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy photo Glamorous Beauty in Tulle by Von Trapp Photography.#Glamour Photography #Glamour Photographer #Austin #San Antonio #Houston #Dallas #Boudoir #GlamourA gorgeous fashion-inspired glamour image, created with a stylized look.

  Glamour is the term given to anything having beauty, grace, mystery, and transcendence of the every day. When a photograph combines glamour with a fashion-magazine look and style it can create a very evocative and popular look.  Finding a photographer who can create the look and feel of this hot style may, however, prove a little difficult.  More often then not, it comes down to the styling and lighting the photographer uses that will determine if a successful fashion-glamour photograph is created or not.

​  Many photographers, whether they are shooting glamour/boudoir or not, shoot exclusively natural/available light.  This kind of light can be beautiful, but it is very limiting, restricting the possibility of greater creativity by the artist.

  The most likely reason the majority of photographers do not use other forms of lighting, such as studio strobes, speed lights, or continuous lighting equipment, is the costly investment of doing so.  This investment will range from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars.  Combined with this is the necessary artistic talent of the photographer to "see" the image concept in advance, plan the details, and manage the gear.  Truly, the greater the investment in the gear, the greater the options to artfully create something that clients will really treasure.  However, unique images that stand out from the rest can only be created when these tools are combined with the skills of the artist to pose the client, craft the light, and capture the image.

  If you are wanting a beautifully glamorous photograph of yourself, one that will connect you to your glamour in a way that a "selfie" never will, hire a professional glamour photographer.  Look carefully at their web site and compare one to another to see who has the most unique and interesting artistic style.  The $500 to $1900 average you can expect to invest will be completely worth the experience of feeling like as glamorous supper model, and the unimaginable joy of seeing yourself in a way that you may never have…when you are connected to your beauty and glamour.  

    Richard von Trapp of Von Trapp Photography in central Texas is a glamour, boudoir and wedding photographer using the techniques and equipment that create that fashion magazine look and mood.




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