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  What is Editorial Glamour? Creating a different kind of image.

  The Editorial Image

   I use the terms editorial and glamour to describe the style of many of my images.  In the world of magazine photography, the term editorial is used to describe a style of photograph where its look and feeling is crafted to tell a story or to support a written story being told.  The definition is fluid and can even be a broadly defined one in how one sector of the print media-world will see/use it as compared to another sector.  Suffice it to say, editorial photography "sells a story", where as fashion photography "sells a lifestyle", and commercial photography "sells a product".

Sexy photo of a woman on a street in Cyprus at night in a tight-revealing dress.A Night Of Shopping by Von Trapp Photography 2017.Anna on the streets of Agia Nepa, Cyprus. Model/HMU: Anna Reis Model Mayhem #4001217

   In sharp contrast to commercial photography, where the look is clean and well lit, fashion and editorial photography is bold, edgy, and conceptual in its design styling, often being dramatically lit.  It is...dare I say it, "arty".  It is also great fun and challenging to create for everyone involved.  It is for this reason that skilled and capable photographers love to create art in this form.  Professional models too enjoy the chance to be "arty" and seek this kind of shoot to add depth to their portfolio and show their versatility.

   One of the key elements of style often seen in editorial images is dramatic lighting.  Since we become accustomed to the light seen in nature, its look and feel, the creation of something different thus becomes interesting to a viewer.  This is why a skilled artist will use light sources, such as those available in the form of photographic lighting, to create a feeling of light that is not normally seen nor available in the natural world.  This crafted light can be many times more dramatic and harsh, or beautiful and soft when compared to what is normally seen in our everyday lives.        

Glamour Editorial Photography | Houston Texas Fine Art Glamour Photography by Von Trapp Photography. Reclined | Austin Texas Fine Art Glamour Photography by Von TrappThis image is a stylized fine art glamour image from the West Texas US 90 Project. It has been stylized in a vintage Polaroid look of the 60's/70's with its edgy and beautiful high contrast look. This vintage look is iconic of the high fashion and glamorous world seen in print in all of the ladies' fashion magazines of the day. We at Von Trapp Photography would love to recreate a work of vintage high fashion art for you, with you as the glamorous subject. "http://www.vontrappphotography.com/commissions" Contact us today and let us connect you to your glamour.

     This image was crafted  in the editorial style with strong lighting, an artfully posed model placed in an unusual interesting setting.      

    Because the light is so unusual we are compelled to look a little longer.  We may even ponder for a while the different aspects of the image, what it means, where it was made, how it was made, or any other number of even more pithy concepts.  We may look at it not really analyzing it at all, just knowing that we are drawn to it for some reason.

The Fashion Image 

   "Selling" a lifestyle can be said to be the main idea behind fashion photography.  The goal of fashion photography is to convey a way of life through the use of cloths, goods, and items of property in such a way as to show them to be highly desirable.        

Fashion Photographer in San Antonio, Austin, Houston. Austin-Houston-San Antonio Glamour Photography.Fashionable | Houston Fashion & Glamour Photography.Hat: White House Black Marker, Purse and belt: Guess by Marciano, Manolo Blahnik nude Mary Jane pumps.

                                                     Fashion shoot in San Antonio, drawing inspiration from Italian fashion.  

Fashion photo taken in Venice of a woman in a high slit long dress on a bridge.In Stride v.2a by Von Trapp Photography 2015.On a Bridge in Venice
Fashion image created in Venice Italy. Von Trapp Photography traveled from San Antonio to Venice for a fashion shoot with model Nicole.

Model/HMU: uNicoleorn

So it is not just about the clothes…it is about the style in which life is lived.  

Fashion photo of a busty topless woman wearing a pencil skirt, holding a red purse.Out From The Shadows v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.Photo shoot at Point Bonita Costal Defenses which once protected the approach to San Francisco Bay.

Model/HMU: Simone

  Fashion photo of a voluptuous woman wearing a tight dress and hat on a scooter.Bellezza titillante v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2013.(Title: Titillating beauty)

Having been inspired by Italian style and Roman life we created this classy fashion look that also showcases our model's fabulous shape.

Model/HMU: Simone

The Glamour Image 

​  That which is said to have glamour really is being described as having not just beauty, but also grace, mystery, and transcendence.  This is what glamour photography is to me.  Creating grace and mystery in a photograph, however, is less challenging than making an image that also has transcendence from the every day of life.  

  In the image below, one can appreciate the beauty and grace of the model in her pose.  The dark glasses and her gaze away from the camera easily add the mystery.  What is perhaps not so apparent about this image is what makes this image transcendent, nor how it was accomplished.

Sexy fashion_glamour photo of a woman in a dress showing lots of leg.So Near Cums Delight v.1a by Von Trapp Photography 2014.Simone creates a pose that takes us to being just a breath away from sharing in her delight.

Model/HMU: Simone

  This photo was created in the mid morning, outside on an overcast day.  One way to create transcendence from our every day life is to alter the look and feel of the lighting that we see in the image.  The light upon the model was carefully crafted to fall upon her in this particular way.  Selected locations within the image were highlighted so as to draw our attention or to deemphasize other parts of the photograph.  Daylight was "overpowered" by the intensity of the strobes and camera settings to give this shot its increased drama.  The darkened background serves to draw the viewer's attention to the model and her clothes, and away from the background.  Note the way the colors of her dress and pumps leap off of the screen creating a very special look and feeling, which is something not normal to what we see everyday.       

Sexy glamour photo of a woman flashing an up skirt.Leggy Exposure v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015.(From the series: The Paparazzi--Give Them What They Want) Our fetching model flips open her hip-high slit dress and titillates us with a risqué; display, leaving us lustful to see more. Model: uNicoleorn Model Mayhem #3522239 Hair: Jeanette Marie Model Mayhem #675944 Makeup: Glam by Samiha Model Mayhem #1302674

The Editorial Glamour Image   

  For this category, I endeavor to create an amalgam between the story contained within an editorial image with the mystery, grace, and transcendence of a glamour image to make editorial glamour.  

Sexy image of a woman in a Venice palazzo wearing a sheer shirt, making coffee.Tazza di caffè? v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2017.(From the series: Culinary Temptations) (Title: Cup of coffee?) Morning coffee with model Classic Kim, a beauty that captures the Italian feel for this fashion image in palazzo Ca Zen. Fashion Glamour photo shoot in Venice. Model/HMU: Classic Kim

Fashion Glamour Photography in Texas. Edgy Evocative Editorial glamour photography by Austin-Houston-San Antonio Glamour and Fashion Photographer.A Dream in Sanderson | Fashion Shoot in West Texas | San Antonio PhotographyThe dream that was is now but a memory in this West Texas town of Sanderson. We found this fabulous building and its kind owner, who granted us permission to shoot here, in the still charming town of Sanderson, some 270 miles west of San Antonio. We love the color and textures that the building provided which were further stylized to give this image its gritty feel.

  In the photograph above the setting is a fabulously edgy building in the town of Sanderson Texas located some 270 miles west of San Antonio.  The story could by about the once hopeful dreams of making a way of life in this arid locale, and about how many residents are still endeavoring to do so.  All kinds of interpretive metaphors can be made about the model's pose and expression as to how it pertains to a story of struggle and determination.  Which is what makes this an editorial image.  The edgy-mystery of her expression, the graceful pose and unique lighting is the glamour.    

  The next time you peruse through a magazine, take a moment to ponder the nature and meaning of the art in front of you.  The degree of difficulty and work that went into creating the images you see will likely never be known to you, for it is the experience of years that you behold.  Please do, however, see these works of creative ability for what the are, works of art both small and large.  They are ones that were produced through the passion and abilities of many individuals who committed a considerable amount of effort to their creation.  

      Glamour/Boudoir/Fashion Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp PhotographyVon Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.


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