Von Trapp Photography | Becoming a Calendar Girl | Glamour Photo Shoot for Hubby

Becoming a Calendar Girl | Glamour Photo Shoot for Hubby

November 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

  Ms. G's Glamour Calendar Shoot...​Creating a glamour calendar for her husband 

  When Ms.G was considering what she wanted to give her loving husband for their anniversary, she decided to make it a sexy glamour calendar of thirteen fabulous images for him to look at every day.  Her profession keeps her on the road several days a month and this would be a way to be with him in his office everyday.

  She stated that she knew what she wanted the look and feel to be like and set off on an extensive search for the right artist to make it a reality for her and her husband.  With the help of a very good friend, they came upon Von Trapp Photography and contacted us and we met to discuss her project.

  I was taken by her concept and by her personality.  We listened to each other's thoughts for almost two hours. I wanted to hear as much detail as possible and to give her ideas about what we could bring to the party in the way of design, concept, technique and artistry.  Ms. G. had a chance to see additional examples of our work and to get all of her questions asked and concerns and fears addressed.  

  At the start of this project in August her anniversary was not for another seven months; however, we would need to get started quickly in order to fully design the shoot, plan the logistics, and capture the images.  All would need to occur before the end of September to take advantage of the weather, since some of her desired images included a beach shoot, an outdoor cowgirl theme and a boudoir shoot.  We used Pinterest to facilitate the gathering of inspiration and thoroughly collaborated with her to insure our creative vision satisfied hers for this 18x24 inch, 13-page work of art.

Glamour portrait of a woman in a bathing suit for a sexy glamour calendar.Ms.G by Von Trapp PhotographyGlamour Calendar Shoot. One of thirteen commissioned images created for Ms G. who contacted Von Trapp Photography to create a glamour calendar for her.

One of 13 image created for her glamour calendar that will be a present to her beloved husband.   This one has been selected as one of the images to be used for one of the summer months.

  Ms. G's project necessitated that she contract us for our commissioned shoot since it was really several different shoots which were needed to create enough variety of images for a calendar.  Also, at this price point she benefited by her ability to have a great deal of planning and post-processing included in the price.  As of this writing, we have completed all stages of preparation, shooting and post-processing, and have sent the images to print.

  Ms. G has expressed her great joy over the results, and has shared the delighted comments of close girlfriends about her experience, and the artistic results of her experience with us at Von Trapp Photography.

  Thank you to Ms. G for trusting us at Von Trapp Photography to create her dream calendar and to bring it to fruition, and for allowing us to post this image from her shoot.  We really enjoyed working with her and connecting her to her glamour.  Contact us today and let us connect you to yours. 

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