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   Selecting your Boudoir or Glamour Photographer...What differences should you consider.  

  Boudoir and Glamour are truly separate genera of photography and although boudoir can be created to have glamour or with a glamorously emotive styling, they are different from each other.  I specialize in shooting both glamour and boudoir, bringing a high degree of fashion-magazine inspiration to the look of each.  

Boudoir photo of a glamorous blonde.Kiti In Her Boudoir v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015Beautifully emotive, this boudoir photograph of Kiti was taken at the dressing table, wearing her vintage inspired Bullet Bra, Open Bottom Girdle and RHT Stockings. Model: Kiti Kobain (Model Mayhem #706652)
Worn Wardrobe: By Model.
Styling/Props/Wardrobe by Von Trapp Photography
MUA: Glam by Samiha (Model Mayhem #1302674)
Hair: Jeanette Marie (Model Mayhem #675944)

Classic Boudoir

Fashion photo taken in Venice of a woman in a high slit long dress on a bridge.In Stride v.2a by Von Trapp Photography 2015.On a Bridge in Venice
Fashion image created in Venice Italy. Von Trapp Photography traveled from San Antonio to Venice for a fashion shoot with model Nicole.

Model/HMU: uNicoleorn


Fashion Glamour photo of a sensual and beautiful woman in a sheer bra, opera gloves and pencil skirt.Sheer & Blue Lace v.2a by Von Trapp Photography 2013.Our model is a beguiling vision in her sheer sapphire blue.

Model: Simone


Sexy photo taken at night in Venice of a hot woman in bustier, sheer panty, stockings, and fushia pumps.In The Night v.1 by Von Trapp Photography 2017.Kat strides elegantly along a Venice canal under a streetlight. Von Trapp Photography's fashion shoot in La Serenissima.

Model/HMU: Kat Alexis


Sexy and emotive implied nude boudoir photograph in black and white.Implicit Delight v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2013.Sexy glamour image of the divine Ms. Gianna.

Implied Nude Glamour/Boudoir

  Most talented boudoir photographers are natural light shooters.  They create lovely and often artful images that have a wonderful connection of the subject to the camera.  The natural light used to create their images produces a soft look to the photos that is flattering and attractive.

  In contrast to the look of most photographers, my images have a crisp fashion-magazine inspired look.  Often they are also created with a cinematic styling that is more dramatic and arty as well.  This look can only be achieved through the use of special lighting equipment such as strobes and continuous lighting, often in consort with lighting modifiers such as a beauty dish, umbrella, soft box, and a host of other specialty items.

Fashion-Glamour Editorial Photography by Von Trapp Photography of San Antonio.Nicole Smolders on Set in Agent Provocateur by Von Trapp Photography 2015Fashion Glamour | Austin-Houston Texas Glamour/Boudoir Photographer. This evocative fashion-glamour image of model Nicole was taken at the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and is from Von Trapp Photography's "Old Hollywood Series" in which we recreated a look and stylized feel of the wonderful photographs takes in that classically romantic era of Hollywood still photography. Dress: Agent Provocateur | Pumps: Christian Louboutin | Gloves: Fratelli Orsini | Credits: Nicole elociN, Model Mayhem # 3522239 (Model), Glam by Samiha M.M. #1302674 (MUA), Jeanette Marie M.M. #675944 (Hair Stylist)

Fashion-Glamour, Old Hollywood style Glamour

Behind the scenes of a glamour shoot with Von Trapp Photography of Austin, San Antonio, Houston.Seeing the GlamourModel and Make-Up Artist Checking the Shot. Nicole and MUA Samiha scrutinize a series of image captures during a glamour shoot in Las Vegas shot by Von Trapp Photography.

  Behind the scenes of a glamour shoot in Las Vegas.  The look that was being created for the shoot was in the old hollywood style.  Here model Nicole and Make-Up Artist Samiha look at a series of image captures between sets.  

  The question then at this point is "how do I want to see myself?"  But answer this as well - have you considered seeing yourself differently?  Most people initially have a difficulty seeing themselves beyond the usual; a different person from that which has been looking back at them from the mirror daily.  This quite understandable way of thinking will hold many people back from realizing the possibility of being photographed in a whole new way which is glamorous and transcends their normal.  

  When you look at fashion magazines, and I know you do...possibly lots of them, you see images that are beautiful and glamorous unlike anything around you or that which is part of your normal daily life.  What you are likely to see are perfect examples of my favorite definition of glamour, anything that has beauty, grace, mystery and is transcendent.  

  To exceed the limits of our ordinary experience is to be transcendent.  Having yourself photographed gives you the perfict oppertunity to become part of a work of art, and to be transcendent as well.  But first you must realize the difference between a beautiful portrait and what it means to be a transcendent work of art.  

  Go to Pinterest and search "Glamour Photography"  and you will see a verity or examples of fine photography.  Some created with soft, flattering, romantic available light, others with edgy available light.  While others which were crafter with studio strobe, speed lights or continuous lighting.  All are very good examples of fine glamour photography, but they each have their own feeling and message.    

  Next search "Nautral light portrait" and you will see lovely examples of flatering light.  But as you continue to look over the images, note how the quality of light is not different or unusual to what we might see at any given time during our day.  They are, infact, what we have come to expect from the natural light of our world, and as such are fimular and comfortable to us.    

  Now lets search "Glamour Photography femme fatale".  Here you will see a distinct difference to the feeling of the photographs created by the lighting, the highly quafted hair and impecable make-up not withstanding.  This is the style of glamor-legends, images that are distinctly glamorous.  These images have a "magazine" quality about them and are more likley to possess the transcendentance that I speak of.  

  Finally have a look at one of my favorite artists, Annie Leibovitz who is a master of lighting and with her cinematic style has created countless masterpieces of photographic art for Vouge, Disney, Vantiy Fair and more.  She along with other talented and highly skilled artists are known for creating transcendent images that capture our attention and full our imagination.

San Antonio Texas Boudoir Photography Sexy Glamorous Evocative, Houston Boudoir PhotographerGlamorous Beauty | Austin Texas Boudoir PhotographyBeautiful and Glamorous Boudoir. This image is supremely evocative of the Old Hollywood Style Glamour. Signe was photographed in the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Emotive Boudoir photography like this is our specialty at Von Trapp Glamour and Boudoir Photography. Bra from the Dita von Teese collection. Contact us today and realize your dream of glamour with a boudoir session with Von Trapp Photography. Model: Witch Baby Pinup Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: By Model.

  Boudoir photograph created with the use of studio strobes and a beauty dish.  The inspiration for this image was the dramatic styling used in the "Old Hollywood" style of glamour images.

  When you search for your glamour or boudoir photographer, consider having yourself photographed in the similar manner that creates some of the most iconicity glamorous images.  Select an artist that has the creative skill and ability to make a work of art with you as the subject.  Select not just an excellent photographer, but a photo-artist.

  We at Von Trapp Photography will connect you to your glamour and create a work of art for you that will thrill for you for a lifetime.  Follow me on Facebook.

Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer.Von Trapp PhotographyVon Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.


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