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What is & What is Not Boudoir Photography|Austin Houston Dallas

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  Creating Boudoir Images...What is and what is not boudoir photography? 

  What comes to your mind when you think about the term Boudoir photography?  If you have followed any of my previous blog postings, you know that I have been advocating for a change to how people think about glamour and boudoir photography.  (See: http://www.vontrappphotography.com/blog/2014/6/what-is-glamour-photography  and http://www.vontrappphotography.com/blog/2014/3/glamorous-night/-austin-dallas-houston-san-antonio-glamour-photography).  I feel that a misunderstanding of what boudoir photography is keeps some women from ever considering having their portrait taken in this manner.  Boudoir photography is empowering and liberating and it is my hope that a better understanding of what it is, and what it is not, will allow more women to seek out the opportunity to be photographed thusly. 

Austin Texas boudoir lingerie glamour elegant couture beautiful evocative sexy tasteful nude photography in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas.Heels In The Air by Von Trapp Photography 2013 | Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio Classy Boudoir Photography A classy boudoir favorite that everyone can have in their collection. Classy Boudoir in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio.

Richard von Trapp is a boudoir and glamour photographer in Central Texas who is creating evocative and elegant images that connect you to your glamour, and allow you to fall in love with yourself.

  Elegant and evocative boudoir photography has been created for decades, and is being increasingly regarded as a art form that is worth being noticed.  It is being featured with increasing frequency at internationally recognized professional photography conferences and seminars, and a considerable amount of very good to exquisite examples can be found on line in search results.

Texas Boudoir and Glamour Photography Old Hollywood Style Glamour Evocative Couture Modern Edgy Fashion-Inspired Intimate Lingerie Sexy TastefulBeauty and Elegance by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | San Anntonio, Houston, Austin Boudoir PhotographyThis image is supremely evocative of the Old Hollywood Style Glamour with a hint of Film Noir. Signe was photographed in the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Emotive Boudoir photography like this is our specialty at Von Trapp Glamour Photography. Lingerie from the Dita von Teese collection. Model: Witch Baby Pinup, Hair: Makeup, Wardrobe, By Model

  Classy Boudoir

  A well crafted boudoir image provides an immense opportunity for a woman to explore her beauty, grace, sexiness and glamour.  No matter what your body type, a professionally produced image will bring out a side of you that you have not seen in a long time, or perhaps one that you never imagined existed.

  I do feel, however, that anyone who is new to the genre may feel uncomfortable when they search on line for examples of boudoir photos.  It is so easy to be confused by the variety of images that will be returned in a search for "boudoir" as to what boudoir photography really is.

 Sexy, glamorous, emotive boudoir photography in Texas.Forty and Fabulous by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Dallas, Houston, Austin Boudoir Photographer Taken at the Hotel Havana in SanAntonio. Sexy and Glamorous Boudoir Photography by Von Trapp Photography in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas.

  Classy Boudoir

  One will find a wide variety of photographs lumped into the genre of boudoir.  Images of a woman in either lingerie, partially nude or nude, and taken in almost any setting will be referred to as boudoir.  I find this to be confusing and potentially off-putting at worst, and inelegant at best.  The "boudoir" by its very definition is a ladies' sitting room, parlor, dressing room or bedroom.  As such I am discontented with an image of a woman in lingerie who is photographed out of doors as being called boudoir.  Out of simplicity or expediency by some photographer and lay-public, it has become common to call this example…boudoir.  I choose to classify such an example as lingerie glamour or sexy glamour, but not boudoir.                 

  I find it more desirable to sub-classify such images for clarity and ease of helping my clients to describe and decide on what look and feel of imagery they are wishing to create.  This is my breakdown and classification for the variations of boudoir photography.

  Classic Boudoir.  Photographs taken in the setting of the classical definition of boudoir.  Featuring the subject getting ready such as doing hair, make-up etc.  She may be dressing, dressed, undressing, or undressed.  She may be wearing clothes, in her lingerie or nude/partly nude.  Her attitude, pose and expression are not overtly sexual in its styling.

Boudoir Photography in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. Emotive, Sexy, Evocative and Glamorous. Texas Boudoir Photographer.Glamorous Beauty Signe by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Texas Boudoir Photography Austin, San Antonio, Houston, DallasBeautiful and Glamorous Boudoir. This image is supremely evocative of the Old Hollywood Style Glamour. Signe was photographed in the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Emotive Boudoir photography like this is our specialty at Von Trapp Glamour and Boudoir Photography. Bra from the Dita von Teese collection. Contact us today and realize your dream of glamour with a boudoir session with Von Trapp Photography. Model: Witch Baby Pinup. Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: By Model.

Classic Boudoir

  Classy Boudoir.  Can be similar to the above example, but without clear reference to the boudoir as a setting (such as on a living room sofa) but is still indoors.  This category has a greater number of possibilites since it is free from the limits of the definition of the boudoir, however, follows somewhat closely the idea of not being overtly sexy.  Playful, however, is more often classified into this category.   

Austin Boudoir | Texas Glamour-Boudoir-WeddingLoubs and Seamed Stockings by Von Trapp Photography 2013 | Austin Boudoir | Texas Glamour-Boudoir Classy Boudoir in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio. Having a boudoir photo session that captures your femininity and sensuality while creating mystery and glamour is both life changing and empowering. Seeing your glamour and beauty in a whole new light will delight you and that special person in your life. Call Von Trapp Photography to schedule your session.

Classy Boudoir

  Sexy Boudoir.  Images taken in a setting as above but with emphasis on sexiness and playfulness as depicted by the choice of pose or body position, clothing, or communicated through the expression given by the subject.  In this category, I also include the choice of locations other then the boudoir which may even add some degree of eroticism to the impression given by the image.

Austin San Antonio Boudoir Photography Evocative Sexy Emotive and GlamorousFollow Me by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Texas Boudoir Photography | Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio Boudoir-Glamour-PinupEvocatively Sexy Boudoir. In this evocative image we have created a slightly proactive suggestion that draws the viewer further into the photo. Boudoir photography that is evocative and emotive id our specialty at Von Trapp Boudoir Photography.

Sexy Boudoir/Lingerie Glamour

  Bridal Boudoir.  A wonderful variation to the Classy Boudoir style is Bridal Boudoir.  Often sought by brides-to-be as a wedding present for their groom, the bridal boudoir album truly makes for a lovely gift.  They are much like the classy boudoir images, but will include the wedding veil/white lingerie.  In fact many of the same poses that we love for classy boudoir will be used for bridal boudoir.
Wedding Boudoir Photography. Elegant evocative beautiful bridal boudoir image in Austin Houston and San Antonio.Bridal Glamour by Von Trapp Photography 2014 | Dallas ,Austin, Houston, San Antonio BoudoirBridal Boudoir. Beautifully emotive Wedding Boudoir Photograph taken in the Classy Style. This is a great gift for your groom.

 Bridal Boudoir

 Lingerie Glamour.

  Images of a woman wearing lingerie, or where the model is partly nude, overtly sexy, or evocative which don't meet the definition of boudoir as above, I classify in other ways.  Most often I consider these as Lingerie Glamour, Sexy Glamour, but not Boudoir.  I feel that the following image can fall into both the sexy boudoir and lingerie glamour category.    

Boudoir Photographer sexy glamorous woman's photography.Show of Beauty by Von Trapp Photography 2014 | Austin-Houston-Dallas-San Antonio Boudoir Glamour PhotographerSexy Boudoir. A classic use of the white bed sheet being held by a woman in a boudoir portrait. The lighting was setup to accentuate the curves and muscles of this client's body. The exposure was balanced between the sky outside and the strobes lighting the model. The image was styled with a dark-warm grain to add mystery. This image concept could be further developed and altered to an edgy and provocative feeling with a simple posing change. By asking the client to press her left hand firmly upon the window while spreading her fingers more and leaning forward with some attitude, we could convey a completely different feeling to the viewer. We feel that classic boudoir photography depicts a woman getting ready in her dressing room, parlor or bedroom which is the true definition of the boudoir. In this capture, however, it is not clear where this was taken. The pose, with the sheet and standing in a full length window, takes this image to the sexy category in our styling opinion. Boudoir, Lingerie Glamour and the sexy variants of both are often lumped all to simply into Boudoir. When in fact they are separate ideas and stylings deserving of their own interpretation.

Sexy Boudoir/Lingerie Glamour

  To see how I classify images, please see my Pinterest page at http://www.pinterest.com/SAGlamour/.  

  By breaking down the images into these categories I find that it is easer to communicate with clients about the styling, mood, pose, setting, expression, wardrobe, and feeling being communicated to the viewer.  In this way it is also possible to introduce the newcomer and would be model to the glamorous world of boudoir photography.        

  When you consider a boudoir photographer and their work, look for a photographer who is producing a style that fits your vision and desire.  If you find one who has an interesting style but who may not have examples of their work that fit into a subcategory which you desire, contact them directly to discuss your thoughts.  Often a photographer's online portfolio for boudoir will be limited in the variety of examples shown because clients may not wish to be featured on line.

  How the artist styles their images in terms of lighting, coloring, sharpness, and setting should also be considered.  It is often the hallmark of their style and can be seen throughout their body of work.  Some artists may have a variety of looks to their works, others will create a singular signature style.  Lets look at how a style can be described in terms of lighting.

  Natural Light.  This refers to the light created in nature, i.e. sun, moon and stars.  This light can produce beautiful results, but is extremely limiting.  It has to be there at the time of shooting, and it is constantly changing.  When available in the right location (light from a north facing window when indoors is the best), or at the best time of the day (sunrise to mid morning and late afternoon to sunset), incredible results can be obtained.  The image below is an example of the use of natural light.  

Boudoir photography in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. Emotive, evocative and glamorous. Texas Boudoir Photographer.Pearls and Cream by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Austin, Dallas, Houston Boudoir PhotographyClassy Boudoir Portrait. Ms. Felisha trusted Von Trapp Boudoir and Glamour Photography to create the boudoir images that she has wanted for sometime. In this beautiful and emotive image, taken in San Antonio's Hotel Havana, we captured Felisha's beauty and glamour in a portrait created with a fashion-magizing styled crop. Contact us at Von Trapp Boudoir and Glamour Photography to have your beauty and glamour captured as you have always dreamed.

 Classy Boudoir (Natural Light)

  North light will produce soft evenly lit images.  It is often used to produce a romantic look to the photograph.  Morning light too is soft and cool in its color which is not the case with the warm color to late afternoon light.  Generally afternoon light is not as soft as north or morning light, but allows for the creation of warm etherial images as the photographer shoots into the light coming from behind the subject.  The glow of the light coming from behind the model and into the lens creates a flair of light which reduces the sharpness of the subject, creating the etherial feeling.  

  Afternoon light can also be used to create sharply contrasted images that are fashion magazine like with an edgy look.  Long sharp shadows with crisp warm light is the hallmark of photos made at this time of day.    

Houston, Austin, San Antonio Boudoir Photography.Blissful In The Sun by Von Trapp Photography 2015Boudoir image that was created using late afternoon light in the hotel DeVille in Corpus Christi Texas.

Classy Boudoir using a vintage nightgown and bullet bra lingerie. (Available late afternoon light) 

  Availible Light.  This is any and all light that is available at a location, but which is not provided by the photographer, such as room lighting as well as natural lighting.  This too can afford the artist unique and interesting opportunities to create beautiful images.  It is also limiting in several ways.  A suitable location has to be found with the right available lighting.  If shooting in color, the various "temperatures" of the lights on location must be considered and possibility balanced with each other.  All light has its own color temperature resulting in a range of tones from warm to cold.  Combining different color temperatures can be used for artistic effect, but can also create a displeasing mishmash to the look of the image.  The ability to control the light, although slightly better than natural light, is still limited to what is present and how it can be turned on and off.  The image below shows the effect of differing color temperatures of light.  Seen in the corner near the window, is the warm yellowish color of incandescent lighting from the boudoir table.  In this image the temperature of that light has been partially balanced with the cooler outdoor light commimg in from the window.  I chose to keep some of the incandescent light's warmth to work with the color of the vanity table to create a visual point of contrast and interest.

Texas Fashion, Boudoir and Glamour Photography. Evocative, Sexy, Couture, Glamorous.Pop of Red by Von TrappPhotography 2014 | Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio Boudoir-Glamour-PinupThis classy boudoir image was created by San Antonio-Austin-Houston, Texas Boudoir and Glamour photography. It has been lit to accentuate the line of the model's leg, and post processed to pop the red color of her iconically sexy Christian Louboutin pumps. Additionally, a romantically soft glow has been added to the coroner of the bed and dressing table, along with a warm and glamorous coloring. Contact us at Von Trapp Photography to schedule your glamorously sexy boudoir session. We will connect you to your glamour.

 Classy Boudoir (Available Light)

  Studio Strobes and Speedlights.  This is the choice for most commercial photographic work.  It gives the artist significant to total control over the light.  The color temperature, intensity, and direction of the light can be finely tuned and by this method, the artist is said to be able to shape the light.  

Austin Texas Boudoir and Glamour Photography Evocative Couture Modern Edgy Fashion-Inspired Intimate Lingerie Sexy TastefulKiti by Von Trapp Photography 2015 | Glamorous Texas Boudoir Photography | Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio Beautiful Classic Boudoir. Beautifully emotive, this boudoir photograph of Kiti was taken at the dressing table, wearing her vintage inspired Bullet Bra, Open Bottom Girdle and RHT Stockings. Boudoir photography captures a verity of evocative moments that can be photographed in the "Classic" manner in her boudoir (parlor, changing poem, bedroom) getting ready, or might be Classy where she is not necessary in the boudoir setting and is usually wearing lingerie. Model: Kiti Kobain Wardrobe: By Model MUA: Glam by Samiha Hair: Jeanette Marie

Classic Boudoir

  This image is a wonderful example of how studio strobes can be used to create a magazine-quality looking boudoir image.  A white umbrella was used to provide the soft light on our model's face and body, while using the harsh light of a second strobe to provide the striking highlights on her hair, neck, and shoulder. 

See the following three posts for examples how light can be shaped using these tools. 

Making a Difference with StrobesHow strobes and light modifiers can aid in creating extraordinary glamour and boudoir photographs.

Light's Beautiful Curves…Using light and shadows to create glamour.

Creating Glamour…Using the elements of glamour to create striking images.

Austin-Houston-San Antonio Boudoir Photography. Sexy tasteful evocative lingerie glamour photography. Red Black and Blue by Von Trapp Boudoir Photography 2015We classify boudoir into Classic, Classy, Sexy and Bridal. This is an example of boudoir photography that is created in the classy style. By definition the boudoir is a woman's parlor, sitting room or bedroom. In the classic style, the woman would be posed in one of these settings, perhaps at her dressing table, getting ready and in some form of dress or undress. In this example the setting is a bedroom but not posed in the classic style. Instead she is evocatively posed on a bed displaying grace and mystery. Images of a woman in lingerie who is photographed in any other setting is classified as Lingerie Glamour, Sexy Glamour or Lingerie Fashion. We find this form of classification very useful since it can easily be shown and described to a client durning our pre-production planning and when creating a mood board for our clients.

 Classy Boudoir

  In the image above two strobes were again used to create this boudoir image.  One strobe along with a soft box was used as the main light to light the subject.  A second strobe with a gobo (material of some kind which is placed between a light source and the subject) of foil with irregular shaped holes was used to create the light and shadows on the wall which adds additional interest to the photograph.

No matter what your vision or wish for a boudoir photo might be, it will best be served by a professional photographer experienced in this field.  You will be best served if you first do your "homework" on the genre of boudoir, by looking at lots of examples of fine quality images.  Consider your choice of photographers carefully by studying their body of work.  If you find one who's work touches you, give them a call.  Also don't limit yourself by not considering an artist who in not in your ares, many photographers are willing to travel.  You as well can find it incredibly exciting and fruitful to setup a destination shoot with a photo-artist.  Dream big!  

​  If you are thinking about having a boudoir or glamour session, let us at Von Trapp Photography excite you with how we can create a work of art with you as the subject.  We will put you in touch with your beauty and glamour.  Contact us today. 

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Glamour/Boudoir Photography, Austin//Houston//San Antonio Glamour-Boudoir Photographer. Beautiful evocative edgy sexy glamorous lingerie tasteful nude.Von Trapp Photography<span class="large">Glamour Photography/Von Trapp Photography is a couture photo-artisty service creating evocative fashion magazine inspired beauty and glamour images.</span>          


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